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One of the most trusted confidants and key members of a family, pets are just like another  soul in the family. Each passing day, we grow more and more attached to our beloved pets who completely rely on us, their owners for existence. We feel a blow as strong as losing a beloved relative when a dear pet passes on. One can use wooden pet cremation urns for cats and dogs to commemorate the lives of such faithful furry companions. These urns have taken a new role when it comes to remembering a pet and the demand is on rise since then.


Today, a huge number of different styles and designs of pet wooden cremation urns for cats and dogs that look wonderful when displayed in your homes are available in the market as well as online, buy them if you don't want to miss any chance of memorialising a pet companion.  A dog is one of the most faithful and furry companions, who are completely selfless toward the love they have for you, all because the love and bond you both share together. Wooden dog cremation urns are ideal for giving a heart filled tribute to them. Being completely dependent on you for the love and care, they wish to do the same in return. Just like dog urns, Cat wooden cremation urns are also made from versatile materials that add an elegant look to the remembrance you are creating and are available in almost all styles, colours and shapes.


CONISTON WOOD CREMATION ASHES CASKET WITH PAW OR BONE are two wooden pet urns that are open to personalisation effect. These pet urns can be personalised can be used to elaborate the love towards them, all by adding a touch of personalisation. If the urn you purchased had a design that is open to carving or engraving, don't miss a chance to do so and if that is not the possible case scenario, one can buy a metal medallion and engrave a personal message to it. This way you can showcase the bond you shared with them.