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A long time ago, stone urns were in a great trend. Not just that they were quite affordable and durable, they also represented the great bond shared with the deceased person. This is a reason that the trend is back on again. Being used for more than decades now, people are considering using adult alabaster cremation urns for ashes. Alabaster is a resource that is crafted on a rich lathe that takes numerous hours to craft. Then they are carefully shaped by the continuous efforts made by skilled craftsmen. The walls of the cremation urns that are crafted using alabaster are thinned. While still maintaining the structural integrity of the stone, the natural veining of the stone is left to be done on its own. This is the reason that no two alabaster urns can have the same design and pattern. These urns are famous for their uniqueness. The stone urns are crafted using the hand cutting technique that results into different desired shapes, patterns and designs i.e. ranging from beautiful shapes like traditional vases to modern funeral boxes.

Being a completely natural stone, alabaster urns for ashes enhance the beauty of your home décor. Thus, creating an exceptional memorial in terms of commemorating a close loved one. Because these alabaster cremation urns for adult ashes are made from a natural material that can not be duplicated in the exact same design or pattern. These urns serve as a true substitute for the moments spent with the deceased. If you are on a low budget, but you don't want to compromise with what you want to buy, you can even consider buying alabaster urns for sale. The rich texture of the stone leads to a completely different yet unique creation. In addition to this, it can be engraved with a loved one's name or some special message on it, offering you a uniquely memorable way to cherish a dearly beloved. ALABASTER LOUDES SAND CREMATION ASHES URN and ALABASTER NASOS BLUE CREMATION ASHES URN are two aesthetic essentials perfect to keep a beloved in remembrance. Use them to retain the last cremated remains of your loved one.