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Beautiful Memorial Jewellery for Ashes - Keepsake Jewellery in the UK

Memorial jewelry has become a popular substitute for ashes when making a difficult decision about a loved one's disposition. 

Families may be slow to accept the idea of scattering ashes because they feel they cannot be apart from their loved ones. You can wear a piece of Memorial Jewellery that honors the passing of your loved one and scatter their ashes in a special location by turning a small amount of ash into a special stone.

Using cremated ashes to create the memorial sculpture is not usually required. Make a pendant out of a dried flower from the burial or a lock of hair. Here, you have two wise options. When selecting memorial jewelry, the meaning it offers is just as important as the item you are honoring. This piece of art is extremely emotive and deeply personal to the individual who holds it close. 

You may pay enduring respect to a loved one with memorial jewelry. You can create a treasured remembrance. It will endure a lifetime. Their loved ones will always have a treasured piece of their past to pass on to the following generation. 


What Makes Jewelry from Cremations So Unique? 

The funeral service's structure will be determined by the preferences of the departed. Whether you decide to bury them or cremate them, having a constant companion is a wonderful way to comfort both you and others. You can spread their ashes or pay a visit to their grave. Memorial jewellery for ashes could be the ideal option for you.



  •  Comfortable

 Jewelry is a wonderful alternative to consider if the burial location is far away and you would like to have something special to remember a loved one with. You can carry a tiny piece of them with you everywhere you go by wearing a brooch that you can attach to anything or a pendant that you can wear close to your breast. 


  • Aesthetically beautiful 

     Designs for Keepsake Jewellery are beautiful to look at. But they also have the ability of bringing out the comfort. These jewelry pieces are more valuable as a source of peace. It is because they are not only useful but also visually beautiful. 


    • Personal 

       If you don't have any heirlooms from their passing, using their ashes to create something unique can be the ideal solution. Rather than having jewelry made to their exact specifications in terms of color, design, and gem, have it created. Finally, this memento is utterly one-of-a-kind, making it a fantastic addition to any family's collection. Having a set made for each member of your family is an additional choice. In this manner, each person may pay their own unique tribute to the deceased. 

      Urns UK specializes in creating cremation jewelry. It can be personalized with an engraved message if desired by the buyer. Give them the chance to make a memento for you. You can cherish this forever. Kindly get in touch with Urns UK in case you need any additional details.