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Can I Keep an Urn With Love at Home?

Some of the people we know want to have the ashes of their loved ones in their homes. They want to keep it close to them so they will not have a hard time looking for a place where they will bury them. And place them in an urn with love so they can place them wherever they want in their household.

Moreover, people like to keep the ashes of their loved ones at home because of family traditions and fulfil the person's last will. They keep the urns in their home because it is the person's last will before they pass away. And it is also why most people decide to cremate the remains of their loved ones. 

In some places, keeping ashes inside their homes is prohibited, even if they will place them inside an urn. It is because of the culture and the norm these people used to have. And it is difficult for them to fulfil the will of their deceased loved ones to keep their ashes at home because of this culture. 

On the other hand, some countries are open to this modern burial of their loved ones. It is usual for them to keep the remains of their loved ones in the ashes. They are already practising this culture well received by many in their country. Therefore, they are using this kind of burial for their loved ones. 

More and more people are now adopting the cremation process for their demise, and they are embracing the norm of keeping the remains of their loved ones in their houses. Instead of being afraid of the ashes, they normalize living with ashes and urns in their household. 

In this modern time and with what is happening worldwide, people need to adopt a new way to improve their lifestyle to something convenient for them—in the same way protecting their health. So it is not wrong to embrace new things to improve our lives. Adopting this change may be challenging, but it will get better. So keeping urns with ashes in the household is fine. 

Taking the ashes at home is a new thing that most people would like to experience. Aside from it is no hassle going out to pay a visit to your deceased loved ones, and you will have some of their ashes added to the keepsake. Moreover, it will assure you that the ashes of your loved ones are safe. 

We can't blame other people who are not accepting this kind of norm because of the culture they grow up in. So instead of discriminating against them, we will understand them rather. We all have the liberty to choose what makes us happy, and we ought to live with it. And here are some ways to keep the ashes in our homes.

  • Wooden Urn

We can add the urns of our loved ones in a wooden urn. It is a unique yet durable way of keeping them. You can also add your loved ones' photos outside of it, with a message you want to say or words you cannot tell them. It is your way of remembering them and what they do for you. 

  • Picture Frame

If you have yet to hear about adding the ashes of your loved ones to a picture frame, you must know this. You can add the ashes of your loved ones in a picture frame. You can have a part of the structure solely dedicated to the ashes of your loved ones, so while the picture is added, they are still part of what you do, even if they are no longer around. 

  • Teardrop Urn

Since there are decorative urns that you can have in your homes, you can add the ashes of your loved ones. It is a good ornament that will add a new accent to your living room or any part of your household. Through this stunning piece of art, people will not suspect that you have your loved ones' ashes inside it. They will be curious but never think that there is ash inside it. 

These are only a few things you can use to keep the ashes of your loved ones in your household. Keep them with these kinds of urns and designs. It will help you feel the relief you wanted when considering keeping the ashes and where to put them inside your home. 

And you are hitting two birds with these ideas and designs because you are adorning your home, and at the same time, you are keeping your loved ones in a safe place where their ashes will never scatter. In addition, the urns add colour and vibe to your household, and you will get used to them in the long run.


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Urns UK has a range of gift ideas for your loved ones.

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