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Choosing a Pet Urn That’s Perfect for You

The death of a pet is hard on everyone. When trying to cope with the loss and find closure, it can be difficult to know how and where to store your pet's ashes. There are many options for storage and display, so we've created this list of tips on choosing an urn based on your needs:


Figuring out what you want to do with a pet's ashes can be a struggle.


Once you've decided on the type of pet urn that best suits your needs, it's time to consider what you want to do with your pet's ashes. There are many options, including:

    • scattering them in a place meaningful to you or their family
    • keeping them in an urn at home
    • donating them for use in research or education

Be sure you know the size of your pet's ashes and how much space you're willing to commit to an urn.


No matter what type of pet you have, it's important to take the time to measure your pet's ashes and consider how much space you're willing to commit to an urn. If you want to display your pet's urn in your home, be sure that its size will match with the decor in your home.


Consider what kind of material you want the urn to be made from.


The first step in choosing a pet urn is deciding what kind of material you want the urn to be made from. There are many different options, including ceramic, wood, glass and metal. The most popular choice for a pet urn is usually ceramic because it is affordable, durable and can come in many different colours and designs. If you’re looking for something more natural or organic than ceramic might not be right for you; however if price is your primary concern then ceramics are often the safest choice (they also tend to last longer than other materials). Metal might be an option if this isn’t an issue – they tend to look very modern while being robust enough not to get damaged easily (but they do tend to cost more). 


Pet urns come in all shapes and sizes, so consider what types of containers work best with your decor.

The container you choose should match the bereavement process of your pet's human family members. For example, if you're a person who likes to decorate with beautiful objects, consider an urn that can be displayed on a mantle or shelf. If your family prefers to honour their beloved pet by burying it in a cemetery, look for an urn that will stand out against the surrounding greenery.


If you want something special for those who want their pets' ashes scattered near water, consider an urn made from stoneware or china. These materials are durable enough so they won't break when they're dropped accidentally into lakes and rivers—and yet they're light enough so they can float on top of the water without sinking too deeply beneath its surface (that is, unless someone wants them to sink).

Decide if you want an urn that is designed for the lifelong storage of ashes or if you plan to scatter or bury its contents.


Some cremation urns are designed to be buried right away, while others can be displayed in your home until the time comes. If you choose an urn that is meant to be buried, it will have a watertight seal so that dirt and water can't get inside. Some people like this idea of keeping their loved one's ashes with them at all times, but this can be more difficult if you're travelling or need to move frequently.

If you want your pet's ashes on display for everyone to see when they come over for dinner parties, then consider purchasing an urn that has a special place in your home where they will go once their passing has been announced. This way, friends and family members won't have any trouble finding them again if needed later on down the road (this could happen years later!).

If there's anywhere else besides inside of your house where you would like them displayed - like out under trees where birds land during migrations - then perhaps consider buying an urn that includes some kind of mechanism allowing air flow inside without allowing moisture seeping through cracks around its bottom edge (a good way not only to keep out dust particles but also ants).


Pet urns can contain cremation keepsakes, such as cremation jewellery or pet hair, in addition to ash remains.


If you're looking for an alternative to a traditional urn, pet urns can come in many shapes and sizes. You'll have the option of choosing a decorative urn that contains cremation keepsakes, such as cremation jewellery or pet hair, in addition to ash remains. These keepsakes can be placed inside the urn at the time of cremation.


You may also want to consider purchasing a personalised pet cremation urn that includes your pet's name on it; this way, you'll always be reminded of them when they're nearby. Another option is one that comes with stickers that allow you to decorate it with photos of your beloved family member while they were alive as well as after their passing (such as how they looked during their favourite activity). There are even options available that allow you to mix some dirt and sand into the ashes before placing them into this type of container so everyone who sees it knows what kind of person was once inside there!


There are many options when it comes to choosing a pet urn.


There are many options when it comes to choosing a pet urn.

  • You can choose an urn that is made of a variety of materials, such as ceramic and metal.

  • You can choose an urn designed for long-term storage of ashes. If you plan on keeping your pet's ashes for years to come, this type of urn offers more protection than other types because it's sealed shut.

  • You can also purchase an urn containing cremation jewellery, which allows you to keep some memento of your loved one’s life with them always; the jewellery will be inside the container until it’s opened again by someone else in the future (or when you decide to open it yourself). This option works well if there's only one family member who would like something tangible from their beloved dog or cat—like grandchildren who want their grandmother's wedding ring back someday but don't need much else beyond that token reminder.

  • Or consider purchasing an animal hair accessory instead: While not intended exclusively for pets' ashes, these items make great keepsakes because they contain actual fur from each pet who has ever lived there at some point in time (and often includes one or two samples taken directly from each individual animal).


Our pets are like family to us, and they deserve a proper resting place. So when it's time to say goodbye, let Urns UK help you choose the perfect memorial urn for your beautiful furry friend.