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Christmas Pet Urns (Guaranteed To Give You Maximum Cuteness)

Who said pets can't go to heaven?

Pets are beloved members of the family and they deserve to be remembered in a special way. Urns UK's range of pet urns is the perfect way to pay tribute to your pet, whether it’s a cat or dog – or even something a little different! We have a variety of designs available so you can choose what best suits your style and personality.

But why would you need an urn for your beloved pet? Well, you might think that after passing away there is no place for them in heaven but look at it this way - they were once part of your life so why shouldn't they be included in yours forever? There are plenty of good reasons why having an urn is beneficial:

  • It will allow you the space to remember all those wonderful times together without feeling guilty about letting go for good
  • You can honour their memory by making sure future generations know how much love existed between us all.

Pet urns allow you to keep a part of your pet with you forever. You can choose one that is hidden away or one that is on display in your home. Pet urns are available in many different materials, including wood and ceramic, as well as stainless steel or aluminium.


Hertford Heart Cremation Ashes Urn Range 5 Inch

The Hertford Heart Urn range is made of high quality solid brass. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, it is available in several finishes. Ashes can be safely placed in the urn via a threaded secure lid at the back. It can serve as an urn for small to medium pets and as a keepsake for large pets.


Elstree Wooden Cremation Ashes Pet Urn Range

If you want something traditional, then the Elstree Wooden urn is perfect for you. This urn is made from rosewood, which boasts a rich grain and smooth finish. It has charming solid brass paw prints that remind you of your furry friend. Ashes can be safely placed via a secure bottom opening.


Luton Paw Rim Ceramic Cremation Ashes Urn

The Luton Paw Rim Urn is a quality ceramic urn designed to contain the ashes of your pet. It comes with a simple and sleek design of pawprints on the rim. This urn can be sealed with an appropriate sealant. Available in three different sizes, it gives you much needed options to find the right sized urn for your loved one.


Ventnor Crystal Paw Biodegradable Cremation Ashes Urn

The Ventnor Crystal Paw Biodegradable cremation Ashes Urn is made from a biodegradable thermoplastic material called Arboform. This urn will remain intact and will not start degrading until it is buried in soil, so it can be used as an ornamental urn if so desired. If ground burial is chosen, this urn will take 5-8 years to degrade.


Paws Sky Cremation Ashes Scattering Tube 50CI

Our Scattering Ashes Tubes are perfect for temporarily holding the ashes of your loved one before taking them to their final scattering destination. The tube itself has a perforated tab that can be pushed in prior to scattering, making it easy to scatter ashes on land or at sea—or even bury them in the soil. These tubes are fully degradable and dis-solvable, allowing your loved one to become one with the earth. They contain no plastic or metal parts.

For Christmas this year, remember your beloved pet with a pet urn. You can choose one that reflects your pet's personality and makes them look beautiful. A quality pet urn will last for years and can be used for all different kinds of pets (like birds!) so don’t worry about finding one that fits your needs exactly. The most important thing is to choose something you like—you will be spending time with it every day!


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