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Buying a cremation urn to store the ashes of a person lost requires a lot of attention. The most crucial thing is to select the material in which you want to hold the ashes. This gets even more important when one is planning to buy the funeral cremation urns for ashes to be kept at the display in your homes.


It is the material of the urn that helps you in deciding the type of funeral urns you want to have. One can choose from a large selection of ceramic, metal, glass and wood urns. Each of the materials of funeral urns for ashes varies in their prices and qualities. For instance, Although there is a huge variety of wood type that can be crafted to make stunningly aesthetic pieces of cremation urns like veneer, mahogany, oak, bamboo, walnut, pine, maple, cherry, purpleheart, paulownia, koa, poplar, hickory, birch, rosewood, elm wood, myrtle and so on. But, oak, cherry, mahogany and pine are a popular selection of different kinds of woods that are usually used to make urns. The cost further begins to vary depending on the design, workmanship, quality and rarity of the wood. A reason that wood is a very high-quality durable material for the production of cremation urns and is a very environment-friendly option to honour the life of a loved one, people these days are highly preferring wooden urns. When it comes to the designing or style of these urns, a simple classic shape is timeless and are considered very soothing. These urns are just perfect to be displayed indoors.

ROMSEY WOODEN CREMATION ASHES URN 90CI and EVESHAM WOODEN CREMATION ASHES URN are two finely crafted wooden urns for storing cremated ashes. Nowadays, most of the wood cremation urns manufacturers offer you a chance to add engraved inscriptions on the surface of the urn. It gives you a great opportunity of paying a well-deserved tribute to the deceased person soul. To keep these pieces evergreen, one can use a dry cloth to wipe it or use a furniture polish to keep the beauty as it is.