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It's not often that someone who comes along is a good companion and also a true friend to you. Sometimes people around you might seem jealous of you and sometimes you might seem jealous of them, finding someone who loves you and cares for you without any purpose is really rare these days. This is what life revolves around. The best we can do is, hold on to such companions because we never know when life snatches them from us. Losing such people can be a huge turning point in our lives because coping with the grief is one of the hardest challenges that one has to go through their life. But a person who is now physically gone can't be brought back. We are just left with their memories. To cherish a beloved who is gone forever, one can use beautiful small and large cremation urns for ashes. As the pain and grief start to diminish when time passes by, we definitely don't want the memories of our beloved to fade by as well. You can lay rest the cremated remains of a beloved in an urn to memorialise them daily.


One can choose among various sizes and styles of keepsake cremation urns. Known as small urns, sharing urns, companion urns and large urns. Sharing urns can be used by families and friends, where each of them can store a small amount of ashes separately with them. These urns can be purchased by other significant people in the life of your beloved. Companion urns are different from sharing ones because it can hold ashes of two different individuals or a couple together. Small beautiful cremation urns for ashes varies from large sized urns, as these are miniature urns that are just scaled down versions of full-sized urns for ashes. ALABASTER ALZITE SPHERE CREMATION ASHES URN and ALABASTER MARBEZA WHITE CREMATION ASHES URN are two aesthetic urns available online. Just select the design or the kind of urn you are looking for! And get it in any size. The selection of cremation urns features a huge variety of materials to choose from, including biodegradable, glass, metal, wood, ceramic, marble, and many more.