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Crystal and Glass Keepsakes as Vessels of Remembrance

For those who carry the memories of their beloved ones who have passed away, the transition into the future that is unknown and unlooked-for is both reflective and agonising. Hence, the creation and emergence of crystal and glass keepsakes as vessels of remembrance – which carry a profound symbolism in honouring the memories, life, and legacy of a departed loved one.


Elegance in transparency


Crystal and glass are materials that are known for their luminosity and transparency. When  you choose keepsakes that are made of these materials, it allows the memories of your beloved to be encased within it — and being illuminated by the light of love. These elegance and grace coming from the materials of crystal and glass counts up an extra touch of sentimentality to the act of remembrance — emblematising the enduring nature of a bond shared and an eternal love forged.


Symbolism of Clarity


Specifically, crystal is often known for its close relation to purity and clarity. Thus, when utilised as a sacred vessel of remembrance, the crystal keepsakes typifies the unfiltered and crystal clear nature of memories they hold. They have the ability to reflect light that mirrors the various and multifaceted facets of a life cherished and treasured forever — reminding each one of us that each memory is as unique as the person who made and carried it.


Design Versatility and Aesthetics


Urns UK offers a wide variety of designs for crystal and glass keepsakes – whether you would want to opt for a classic piece, or a more ornate or modern one, these materials are made to perfectly resonate the very being of your loved one — they are both versatile and aesthetic — making them even more unique and one-of-a-kind.


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