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Stone urns used for cremated ashes create an aura of complete decency, elegance and classic beauty. Alabaster is a natural stone that can be transformed into stunning memorial tributes. These tributes are individually handcrafted by skilled craftsmen on a lathe from alabaster. The highly experienced artisans enhance the natural stone and create an exceptional memorial cremation urn. Since alabaster is a unique resource, rest assured that the urns crafted from it may vary in the colours as well as in the patterns. No two alabaster cremation urn for sale can look alike, the urn requires numerous hours by the makers to turn the piece into the desired shape and give it the ultimate required finish.

In terms of the uniqueness, Alabaster cremation urns are exactly like wooden cremation urns. Both of these categories of cremation urns will never result into urns that are same, it is always possible that the design and texture of the wood or the alabaster stone may vary slightly from the other one. This leads to the production of a unique alabaster urn for adult. It is the nature of the alabaster stone which leads to varied colour and patterns each time a new urn is made. The rich beauty of this stone is what results in a distinctive creation with an all-time appeal. One can even get it done with some custom engraving because alabaster is a soft kind of stone that is flexible for carving, sculpted, and shaped. The urn has a simple lid on the top of it, the lid makes it quite easy to store the ashes in it securely.

ALABASTER ALZITE SPHERE CREMATION ASHES URN and ALABASTER ZANTERA WHITE CREMATION ASHES URN are two astonishing pieces of cremation urns made from alabaster stone. Perfect to be placed anywhere, each piece of alabaster urns for ashes is made with an enormous amount of attention and are intricately handcrafted. Buy the one that not just fits your budget but is also the one which you would love to beautify your home in the remembrance of the beloved person.