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Exquisite Cremation Jewellery for Ashes - Available in the UK

Once a family member, friend or loved one disappears from our lives, the only way to honor them is to remember them in the best way possible. Knowing that, even though he is not with us, he sees us from somewhere or is still close somehow. Until not too long ago, the most traditional way to keep the memory of that loved one was funeral urns, keeping their ashes inside them. But, today, there is a more up-close and personal way to keep our deceased close to us:  ashes jewelry.

What is ashes jewelry?

The cremation jewellery is used to keep the ashes of the deceased inside. It is a piece you can always carry with you, like any traditional jewelry. In other words, it is jewelry with ashes inside. Pendants in the shape of a cross, teardrop or other variants can be used.

This jewelry with the deceased's ashes represents one of the best tributes you can pay to those deceased people who gave you everything.  Carrying a piece of jewelry from that beloved person with you has multiple benefits, above other classic systems such as the funeral urn.

Benefits of cremation jewellery uk for ashes of the deceased

Years ago, the cremation of the dead was rare, however, this trend is changing rapidly. Nowadays,  more and more families are choosing to cremate their loved ones. Even in life, many people express their desire for this option and leave in writing what they want their loved ones to do with the ashes.

Some decide to keep the ashes of their deceased because of the love they have shown them. That person who has died was significant to you, one of the pillars of your life. If you have lost one of the references in your life, such as a father, a mother, a brother or sister, a grandfather or grandmother, or a spouse, wouldn't you like them to always be with you? This is where ashes and jewelry play an essential role.  These jewels will make you remember them more often, with more intensity and affection.

How are ashes placed inside funeral jewelry?

Before buying this jewelry, one of the most frequent doubts is how the ash is introduced into it. We will tell you how to do it since it is straightforward. Handling the ashes of our loved ones usually gives us a lot of qualms. We are afraid of making a mistake and that because of it, they will spill. Some even consider this an offense and feel guilty.

You have to be careful, but it requires no special skills. Anyone can do it by following the tips we detail below. The jewel has a thread. This will be removed to add the ash, in addition, the jewelry box includes a small funnel, which will be placed in the hole left by the thread, and the ash will be introduced there.

We at Urns UK recommend that you use a toothpick to help push the ash inside. Lean on a clean surface and ensure you have everything you need before you start handling the ashes. When the ashes are inside the jewel, you can close it. It is a secure closure, so you can rest assured that the ashes will not come out even if the jewelry falls.

Jewelry designs for ashes

Another vital point when buying cremation jewelry for ashes is the designs. It would help if you chose the one most aligned with the deceased person's way of being and your feelings towards them. It is also essential that the jewelry is pleasing to the eye and that you feel comfortable wearing it.