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When you first take care of a fur baby, you need many adjustments and learnings that you need to know. You need to equip yourself with the basic knowledge of being a pet owner. But when they suddenly pass away, the pain will hit so hard, and you might have regrets in the end. You can have fingerprint jewellery to commemorate their memories uniquely, so you don't have to do so much of your what-ifs. 

In taking care of a pet, you need to know what kind of animals they are. You need to know your pet's basic information so that you will have a feed with anything that may cause them harm or train them with things that are not suitable for their kind. But sometimes, with our excitement, we forget knowing these things, and we dive into feeding and training them. That sometimes will lead to some unfortunate circumstances. 

We need to be careful about the things we teach and feed them. So there will be no regrets that will be made by the end of time. Once you lose them, they will never be anyone like them. And it will be your first heartbreak as a fur parent. You don't want that because you want them to live longer than others expected them to be. 

But when you are already experiencing the pain of losing your first pet, you need to know essential things in dealing with your emotions while you are grieving from losing a pet. You may encounter and wonder how you became one. 

It is alright to cry for your pet.

    You need to know that it is not a crime to cry for a pet that you loved. You are responsible for your feelings, and no one has the right to tell you what to feel. The pain of losing a pet is not manageable. Often people who had their first pet lose feel the wonder and confusion of their emotions. They would sometimes ignore it or even not know how to deal with it. 

    But if you don't know where you are in the situation and feel like crying all day, you can do it. It is okay. You can burst into tears and succumb to the four walls of your house or your room. That is fine and normal. You are feeling the pain of losing a companion you want to live with for a long time. Cry as many cries as you can have. 

    You are staring at their toys.

    Looking at your pet toys and staring at them is normal. You are trying to grasp the emotion and understand what happens when you lose your pet instantly. You recall all the plans you were supposed to have for them. You are starting to get into the zone of having a pet, and you are already learning the essential things to get to know them more. But all of a sudden, they passed away. 

    If you feel that you want to hug their things tightly, you can do it. If that is what makes you feel comforted with your loss. You can lay on their bed while you are trying to accept they are gone. You can do that all day, but you need to leave a space in your heart and mind to move one so that you can have a fresh start on a new journey. 

    Getting a memorial keepsake jewellery

    If you think of getting memorial jewellery to remember your first pet, you can do it. You can look for any memorial store, either online or a physical store. If you doubt yourself getting one, you might think about what other people think about you when you get one. You don't need to mind what they are saying. You can get memorial jewellery that will enable you to feel comforted. 

    You can design your keepsake with their fingerprint if you have one that can reference the design. It is a unique way to commemorate your beloved pet. Having memorial jewellery will help you cope up with the loss of your pet. It is because you can touch it and feel the fingerprint of your beloved pet. It is your healing from pain. 

    It is okay to see a consultant.

    If you no longer take the pain in your heart, it feels like you are keeping a time bond about to explode. You can see a psychiatrist to help you assist with what you are thinking and your feelings about your loss. It does not mean that you are visiting a psychiatrist, it is that there is something wrong with you. It would help if you had someone that has a thorough knowledge of how to deal with pain. 

    When you seek help from the right people, you will have the aid you need to surpass this struggle in your life. You don't need to carry the burden alone.