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To keep the memories warm and flowing of a loved one you have lost, you can create a beautiful piece of memorial jewellery. The fingerprint jewellery is hand printed and personalised jewellery that is expertly made with the finest detail of someone's fingerprint on it. Each piece has beautiful finish and uniqueness because of the fingerprint on it. The exquisite detail is what makes the fingerprint jewellery and photos ashes pendant UK famous among lots of people these days. This is an absolutely great way to create a cherished keepsake of the people who are now gone forever.

Photo ashes pendants are unique in their own kind. They clearly show your love towards a person. These types of cremation pendants hold a space where you can even store the deceased ashes. With engraving possible on the back, these pendants are for the people who usually don't want to preserve or prefer not to wear the ashes in cremated jewellery. Whereas, Fingerprint jewellery is possibly a unique way to capture an individual with you. The jeweller will add the fingerprint impression to the piece of handmade jewellery. The impression can be added to any precious metal you choose to have for memorialising a person really close to your heart. Only a few of the jewellers offer this unique service! URNS.UK is one of them. With a collection including photo ashes pendants, charms, bracelets, rings and fingerprint jewellery, this kind of jewellery is a perfect personalised gift as memorial jewellery in remembrance of a loved one.

You can capture their fingerprint with a small section dedicated to their name or their handwriting. Pendants, rings, charms, bracelets or cufflinks anything can be made into fingerprint jewelleryKENSINGTON OVAL PHOTO CREMATION ASHES PENDANT and KENSINGTON HEART FINGERPRINT CREMATION ASHES PENDANT FILIGREE are two stunning fingerprint and photo jewellery pieces available online. You can add cremated ashes of someone you lost in this kind of piece of jewellery. Just decide the shape, size, metal and design to memorialise someone close. Capture the unique fingerprint, paw prints, handwriting or a loved ones picture in the stunning precious metal jewellery. It will give you the comfort in knowing that someone close is there with you always.