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When we share a completely intimate and personal relationship with any person or even a pet in our lives, we start feeling so connected that one could experience to share the same heartbeats as well. And, suddenly when we lose them, it can make our heartache as if a piece of oneself is missing. The entire purpose of using cremation jewellery is finding extraordinary ways to show love to those few close people in our lives and tell them how much they mean to us. As we all wish to cherish the memories and close moments spent with the beloved, choosing from an assortment of jewellery to memorialise that someone special can be a great way to express our love.

Jewellery featuring your loved one's fingerprints will be a conversation piece throughout your life and beyond. I and my sister were always close to our grandfather and just when we lost him, she wore a fingerprint jewellery in his loving memory and gifted a same version of the jewellery to me. I will always be grateful of her that she got me those matching pendants to memorialise his soul and for giving me a chance to make the bond even more strong. My personal experience says that this way of remembering him was not just cool, but also differently unique at the same time.

Available in the form of pendants, necklaces, bracelets and rings, it will be a very fabulously thoughtful way to feel someone's soul close to your heart. Being a great idea for gifts, give it to someone who might never acknowledge the fact of loving someone like this. It is like giving a piece of yourself to someone you love. Or, make it a family tradition and you never know that it becomes an heirloom.

Why use fingerprint jewellery?
Now that technology has advanced so much, you can rest assured that these jewellery pieces are made out of actual fingerprints. Fortunately, it is not necessary that fingerprint jewellery pieces can only be used to commemorate a deceased person's life. One can even buy the jewellery designs that don't actually have a compartment to hold the ashes in them. It can be used in those situations when a dear person is staying far away from you, in some other land and you don't want to miss any chance of keeping them close. It can even be used to gift someone and express your love towards them. This kind of jewellery can also be used to remember a pet. In this case, one can imprint the paw instead of the fingerprint. It will act as a unique representation of the pet you owned and those cherished memories you have shared with them.
Clearly, this jewellery is not just for those who have lost someone or are looking for ways to memorialise a deceased.

How to get the fingerprint imprinted on the jewellery?
As easy as it can get, you just need to send the fingerprints and then select the design of the jewellery. The rest is the work of the jewellery provider and the craftsman, to turn them into a memory you can cherish for a lifetime. In addition to this, now that these services are available online, you can easily order your requirement and receive them at the comfort of your homes.