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True survivors are those people who recover from the grief of losing a beloved and find a measure of comfort to cope with the pain. It is these beautiful small cremation urns that play an essential part in consoling the bereaved. The small cremation keepsake urns aid a person who has lost a person close to their heart in preserving those good old memories and allows them to cherish them forever. 

Small cremation urns are different from the traditional standard urns just in their sizes. They are designed in a size to hold just a small portion of ashes, typically a nominal amount of cremated remains in them. Ideal for those families who want to share the last remains with their relatives. Nowadays, it is very common to find families who have relatives scattered into various corners of the world. By using these urns, each family member can keep those cremated remains with them in multiple keepsake urns for ashes. These beautiful urns for sale not just perfectly add to your budget but also to your pretty home décor. The small keepsake urns are also known by the name of mini urns, sharing urns, small urns or keepsake urns. It is a perfect way to divide the ashes of the deceased person amongst those family members and friends who have had a special bond with the deceased and also for those who want to store the ashes privately and securely with ease.

Small beautiful urns securely retain the ashes, even when people want to retain little ashes for future use after the scattering or the burial of the ashes is done. CHARLWOOD CANDLE KEEPSAKE CREMATION ASHES URN and WATFORD CANDLE KEEPSAKE CREMATION ASHES URN are two astonishing pieces of keepsake cremation urns available online. These mini urns are just the miniature replicas of a full sized urn, basically a large one. The best part about these miniature urns is that it can be paired with a large-sized cremation urn and choose the one that matches exactly in the design, shape and colour, but not in the size, just the smaller version of the large sized one.