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Losing a child to death can be very devastating. Whether you are mourning the loss of a 6 months old infant or it's a 15-year-old child, the loss is real and can be very painful. We realise that behind your home walls, the whole family griefs for such a loss.  Nothing can be done to reduce the pain which one goes through after losing a child to death. In this state, it is important to ensure that you use something in their remembrance. Designed to hold a portion of ashes, you can use child cremation urns for this purpose. It is a good choice for keeping the dead child close and in the family.


What makes infant urns different from a standard adult cremation urn for ashes?

These urns may not just vary from each other in their designs and patterns. But also remember the fact that you will have a smaller volume of space for the remains of a child than you will have in an adult cremation urn. Before settling to any child urns for ashes, it is important to know the volume of the cremated remains. These days, with modernisation on the high, there has been a change in the ways we commemorate the little kids. Availability of soft teddy urns provides a little more comfort to the whole family than a standard child urn that can be used to place far behind in some corner of your homes. Such kind of urns include small zip bags inside them and are crafted in a way that you can hug them whenever you miss the departed child deeply.


No parent would want to experience this period of profound sadness. It is something that no one expects. The reason being, no child will ever be old enough for their parents to see them pass, nothing will actually lessen their pain and the loss. That is why we can easily spot some amazing additions to the category of child cremation urns for ashes. The ashes of a little one lost will not just be memorialised in these beautiful containers, it will act as a lifetime lasting legacy. Today, we have hundreds of unique memorials for your baby girl, baby boy, precious child or dead foetus. A soul is never dead! If you are looking for options to cherish the memory of a young one, help ease the burden of those parents who have recently experienced this kind of pain. Aid them in biding the final goodbye.