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Keeping Memories Alive: How Does It Feel to Keep a Cremation Urn at Home?

It is an inevitable experience to lose a beloved — and, as we navigate through this complexity of emotions, finding ways to honour and remember them becomes poignant and also crucial. One way is to keep a cremation urn at home.


What are the impetuses of keeping an urn at home?


It creates a personal connection. Many individuals find solace in keeping the urn at home as it creates a personal and intimate connection with the departed. Having a physical vessel containing the ashes allows for private moments of reflection and remembrance.


It has a symbolic presence. The presence of an urn can serve as a powerful symbol of the ongoing bond between the living and the departed. It represents a tangible connection to the memories, experiences, and love shared with the person who has passed away.


It forges a memorial space for the bereaved family. Setting up a dedicated memorial space with the urn can become a focal point for family and friends to come together and reminisce. This space can be adorned with photographs, mementos, and other items that celebrate the life of the departed.


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