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Currently, the different styles and designs of ashes keepsake jewellery have a lot more to them than just being decorations. They do not just beautify the jewellery piece but also increase the grace as soon as one wears it. When you find that perfect piece of memorial jewellery that gives you a sense of comfort during the time of grieving, you enable yourself to cherish the last memories of a beloved person you have lost. 



Keeping the ashes of your loved one close to you is a great way of paying a long-lasting tribute. This beautiful pendant allows you to do exactly this. The piece is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. The ashes can be infused into a glass pendant of your colour choice. Ashes are beautifully layered with glass crystals and clear molten glass. You can choose from a variety of trendy colours for the beads used in the pendant. Remember that the pendant can only hold a small amount of ashes and any unused ashes will be returned back to you. Personalise the pendant by adding the name or a short quote on the metal.


BELGRAVIA DESIGN to bring you some peace and comfort

 This range is perfect piece of jewellery to be worn in the memory of your beloved pet. The paw print between circled studded diamonds makes this beautiful piece of jewellery an ideal choice for those people who want to cherish the last memory of their beloved companion. This aesthetic piece of jewellery has a screw opening behind it, which allows one to securely transfer the last remains i.e. a lock of fur, cremated ashes or a little amount of soil from the burial land. The pendant is made from sterling silver which is a well-known precious type of metal. This makes it classy enough to cherish and preserve your pet's last remains.


ELLINGTON CREMATION ASHES BEADS for a sweet little tribute

Carry your stunning cremation ashes beads in a chain of your choice. Whether you choose sterling silver or gold plated necklace, the pendant will be your way of showing your love towards the deceased in the most simple and conservative way. These beautiful ashes beads are made by infusing the coloured glass beads with some of the ashes. This keepsake jewellery is so minimalistic in design that it can be worn either at the home or can be sophisticatedly carried at your workplace. Available in a variety of shades like: mystic blue, medium red, blue blend, gold, lilac, cobalt blue, pearl pink, enchanted, amber and fine green, one clearly has a great variety to choose from.


Each of the above-mentioned ashes keepsake jewellery pieces are unique in their own sense and is a great way of keeping your loved companion close even after they are gone forever.