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Navigating the Pangs of Grief This Holiday Season

A time of bliss and celebration — this is what the holiday season is all about. However, it is somehow a bittersweet occasion for some, as they wrestle with loss and grief. What can help in navigating this through?


Create traditions and rituals of remembrance.

When you create specific rituals to pay homage to your departed beloved, this could give you a sense of comfort and connection that goes beyond the earthly bounds. You may light a candle or create a memorial ornament with cremation urns, keepsakes, or ashes-infused jewellery, to integrate such rituals into the traditions of the season.


Embrace, as you reminisce about your departed beloved’s memories.

During this season, it’s also a time to celebrate the memories of our beloved who has passed away. A time to share stories, look through photo albums, and take a look back at the moments you wholly cherish and treasure. Through embracing these timeless memories, it could stand as a  restorative way to keep your beloved's spirit and presence alive.


Express grief creatively and uniquely — opt for cremation urns, keepsakes, or ashes-infused jewellery.

It is a strong channel for grief when you convey it through art. You may also opt for cremation urns, keepsakes, or jewellery made from ashes as your wellspring of comfort and consolation as you go through the journey of grief and healing — as these pieces encapsulate your beloved's precious ashes within.


Seek support, do not be afraid to do it.

Don't hesitate to open and reach out for support and companionship from your friends, family, and various support groups. It's vital that you share your feelings to those who wholly understand you, as they could help in giving you the solace you need.


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