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Everything you need to know about the functions and use of a cremation urn or ashes caskets, is right here. There are endless uses of cremation urns in our world, but the most important function, is to retain the ashes in the safest possible way for the coming years. To preserve a keepsake like ashes or some cherished memoir, all you need to do is buy a cremation funeral urn that represents the choices of the deceased person and then use it to keep the keepsakes inside.


Materials from which cremation urns are crafted, you don't even know about


Now that you have already decided that you want to commemorate the deceased person and that you are looking for cremation solutions, it is better to be aware of the stunning options that would be a perfect choice for storing the cremated ashes of your loved ones. The best and commonly found cremated options consist of the urns made from:


  • Wood
  • Metal (Aluminium, Bronze, Brass, Copper, Steel)
  • Biodegradable
  • Resin
  • Stone or Marble
  • Ceramic
  • and, Art Sculpture


Different kinds of cremation urn types

Today, craftsmen design beauties that are so unique and most importantly, very aesthetic. The design and material may not be an issue when you are choosing a cremation urn, but choosing the kind of cremation container surely can be. The category involves various cremation solutions, for instance,

  • Keepsake Urns - Small in size, these beautiful options are great if you want to share the ashes among various family members. Or, if you only want to store a small amount of ashes. This urn type has various uses to it.

  • Decorative Urns- As the name suggests, these pretty options are used for a temporary period and are usually preferred for the time when a permanent resting place hasn't been decided.

  • Companion Urns- Perfect to commemorate a couple who have spent their entire lives together. Most of these containers have different compartments to them. However, if you wish to keep the ashes together, you can do that as well. Choosing these, you are giving them a chance to spend some more time in their afterlife. Isn't this just great?

  • Airline-friendly Urns- If you wish to travel with the ashes, it is important that you look for a cremation urn that is made from a material that doesn't create a problem while passing at the airline security X-ray machines.


Now that you know most about these cremation options, buy the one that brings Peace to your soul and provides a satisfying final resting place to the deceased.