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In order to allow the bereaved to remember a lost but loved one with dignity and peace of mind, adult aluminium cremation urns for ashes are available in a huge variety. These urns are made from the highest quality, handcrafted, hand painted and hand processed aluminium metal. A variety of these designs come in both adult as well as keepsake sizes.


At accessible and affordable prices, aluminium urns for ashes represent the finest possible quality material being used for a memorial. Our handcrafted aluminium urns are made from the finest quality aluminium metal. Most of the designs of aluminium metal urns are designed in a simple vase shape. Ashes can be safely placed inside the adult aluminium cremation urns via threaded lid. These urns are suitable not just to hold ashes of an adult person but because they are cost-effective and are also beautifully designed, this makes them even more popular. The lid at the top of the urn can be tightened securely but that doesn't mean that the process of placing the ashes inside the urn is something troublesome, it is as easy as one can think of it and the process gets much easier with the help of the fill kit available with it. As ashes can be inserted with a secure bottom lid, each of the urn pieces is ideal to be placed in niches for display or can be buried in a special place of your choice. Because these urns are tightly sealed, they are purely made from aluminium metal.


Used to reflect the life of a loved one, these urns can be made in the colour of your choice that can easily go with the theme of your home. Most of the aluminium urns for ashes will surely stand the test of time as they are made from a durable metal like aluminium. RICHMOND NICKEL CREMATION ASHES URN and LYNTON PURPLE CREMATION ASHES URN are two alluring pieces of cremation urns made from aluminium metal and can be displayed in your homes to honour the deceased person's soul.