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The truth that is known by all and that shakes our world completely is that our life, as well as the life of the people we love can end at any point of time. It bothers us to think about death and it is really hurtful when one actually witnesses it in their life. Death is the end of everything we have for a person be it good or bad. It is the ultimate truth that can only be accepted and not defied or deceived. Death of a loved one is a pain that breaks our heart into thousands of pieces and leaves us in a devastating state. It is very hurtful to lose a person close to our heart. The immense grief, misery and agony brought down by death cannot be compensated with anything else. There are days when one just doesn't feel like getting up from the bed and face the world. Loneliness and helplessness become a part of our daily life and it is a struggle to live a normal life altogether. The overpowering emotions make us vulnerable and we feel emotionally, physically as well as mentally drained. We miss the days and nights spent with the dear one and recall the beautiful memories time after time. There is a special way through which one can honor the life of the deceased soul as well as feel closer to them in a spiritual way and that is in the form of Biodegradable Cremation Urns.

The unique quality of Biodegradable Urns is that a few ashes or lock of hair of the deceased soul are preserved in them safely. Bio Urns are one of the most sought after Memorial Urns as they are made using materials that are easily decomposable in nature such as Paper, Clay, Leaves etc. Biodegradable Urns Ashes solves the problem of pollution in its own unique way. It serves twin purposes at the same time that is of being a Cremation Urn as well as helping in conserving the environment too. Multiple shapes, sizes and extraordinary designs are available in Bio Urns and one can choose the best one according to their needs. Many beautiful Bio Urns are available online as well and two of them are HIMALAYAN SALT CREMATION ASHES URN – SALTASH and TREE GREY BIO CREMATION ASHES URN. These Biodegradable Urns are made by efficient craftsmen who make sure that the Urns are stunning and the materials used to make them are easy to decompose in soil or in water. These Bio Urns can be engraved as well so as to give an exclusive touch.

Bio Urns not only pays the highest tribute to the life of the deceased soul but also provides their soul the ultimate resting place.