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The imprints that the deceased person left on our hearts can never actually go. It just fades away with time. Holding on to the deceased person is important. This is possible by retaining the ashes of the departed soul. The process is highly emotional and truly a personal one. One can use cremation urns, caskets or jewellery, pendants and necklace for ashes. All of them fulfil the sole purpose of remembering a person that you love. The jewellery collection can be personalised by engraving on some initials or a date. This would make it even more personal and beautiful to be worn on a regular basis.

Many of us simply feel uncomfortable with the thought of buying cremation jewellery. The reason for this is filling these jewellery products with ashes or the last cremation remains. Anything and everything from ashes to lock of a hair, soil from the burial land can be retained in rings, charms or pendants for ashes. Feeling uneasy while filling these ashes jewellery can be quite common. Thus, it is recommended to get this job done from by your local funeral director. They would assure that the ashes are safe and secure. With different compartment in these necklaces for ashes, you can keep the departed soul close to your grieving heart.


Using cremation jewellery is relatively uncommon when compared to urns or caskets. All of them have their unique beauty and offer a different kind of relief to the heart. However, if you are considering to use anything that practically stays with you forever, even when you are stepping out of the house for a few hours, memorial jewellery is an ideal option. It will keep your heart at peace, offering you calmness during this profound period of time. To prevent it from daily wear and tear, all that you need to do in order to protect the ashes is seal them with an adhesive and fasten the screw back. It would make sure that the ashes don't leak and are safe inside. CLEARANCE CHELSEA CREMATION ASHES PENDANT DESIGN 33 and FOOTBALL CREMATION ASHES PENDANT DESIGN 75 are two beautiful pendants, classy enough to go with any outfit you wear. Buy these lovelies now.