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Take Time to Know More About Ash Urns for Pets

After the loss of a pet, the grieving process can be challenging. However, many people find comfort in being able to remember their beloved pets and keep their memory alive by keeping ash urns for pets in their homes.

What Is An Ash Urn For Pets?


An ash urn for pets is simply a container used to hold cremated remains of an animal after they have passed away. The ashes can be placed into the container or kept separate if desired. They are usually crafted out of wood or ceramic materials and often feature designs specific to animals such as dogs, cats or horses. The design may include pictures of these animals and other features such as paw prints or flowers, which symbolize love and respect for all creatures, great and small.

If you are not sure what type of urn you want to use for your pet, there are several things to consider:

Do you want something that will look nice in your home?
Do you want something that is easy to care for?
Do you want something that can hold a lot of ashes?

When choosing an urn for your pet, try to think about how it will fit into your life after they pass away and make sure that it is something that will work with the rest of your décor. You should also consider how large or small you would like the urn to be since some may only fit one or two handfuls of ashes at a time while others may be able to hold several handfuls at once. This is especially important if you have more than one pet and would like them all cremated together inside one urn.

However, if you are not ready to part with your pet's ashes after death, you may feel you have no choice but to store them at home. This is a very personal decision that only you can make.

The following are some options that can help you decide what to do with your pet's ashes:

Keep your pet's ashes at home — Some people prefer to keep their pet's ashes at home because they feel it is more personal than burying them in a cemetery or scattering them in a favourite spot.

Burial — If you want to bury your pet near your family plot or favourite park, there are several options available:

A traditional burial — You may want to bury your loved one in a gravesite at a local cemetery or pet cemetery. This option is available at many cemeteries across the country. It allows for a traditional burial service where family members can say goodbye before returning their loved one's remains to the ground. However, a traditional burial can be expensive.

But if you are looking into letting go of your pet's ashes, follow these steps:

Purchase an urn or casket that is made specifically for pets. These are available at most pet stores or online retailers. Some companies will even custom-make one for you if you supply them with a photo of your dog or cat.

Find a quiet place where you can sit down--either outside or in your bedroom, and take out the ashes from the container. If any tissue is left inside them, clean it up as best as possible, as this could cause bacteria growth if left unattended.

Place the ashes into the urn or casket and close it securely. The lid should fit tightly so that no ashes escape while carrying it around or storing it away in a safe place until ready for burial or scattering of ashes at sea (if allowed).

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