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Preserving human ashes into jewellery or forming a diamond with pet ashes is a personal decision that only you can make. We understand and appreciate the unique and special meaning that this decision has for our clients and their families. We have a dedicated worldwide customer service team, to guide you and your family group, from the moment of ashes collection, through all the phases of turning ashes into rings, when selecting the Memorial human jewels at the best prices, as well as in any other aspect of the process of turning ashes into commemorative diamonds according to your country of residence.


In case you have any questions about the price of the memorial diamond, or about any other aspect of ashes jewellery ring made of human ashes in UK, please call our customer service representatives directly or leave us a message with a return request of a personal call. Our team will help you on time to understand how much it costs to make a diamond from the ashes of a deceased and be sure that the memorial jewel fits harmoniously with your human diamond, favouring the creation of the most beautiful memories.


Why Choose a Commemorative Ring?

A memorial ring as a memorial jewellery UK is comfortable, transportable and easy to use. Based on the size of the memorial ring, it is easier to transport your diamond with human ashes at all times, in case it is necessary to travel or relocate to a new area, without worrying about losing your human ash diamond in the process.

The configuration of the memorial human jewel is a simple but very unique way of maintaining the legacy of your missing loved one. We pay special attention to every last detail chosen for the making of the memorial jewel, which may be diamond jewellery to hold ashes, thus emulating the beautiful life and the charming personality that your loved one had. Ashes jewellery allows the continuity of the physical connection with life after the death of a departed soul.