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Why You Should Buy A Companion Urn

When someone you love dies, the last thing on your mind is how to store their ashes. However, if you're looking for a cost-effective way to keep your loved ones' remains together forever while still saving money and not taking up valuable space in your home or cemetery plot, there's no better option than a companion urn. A companion urn allows you to keep two sets of remains together even after death.


A companion cremation urn is a perfect solution if you would like to keep the ashes of your loved ones together but you don't have enough space. You can also use this method if you need to store the ashes in a small area, such as a dorm room or small apartment.


With most companion urns, you can keep ashes together but store them in separate compartments or containers. This will allow each person's remains a bit more privacy while still being able to be stored together.


A companion urn is a cheaper option. If you're considering purchasing two separate urns, it's important to keep in mind that they will likely cost more than a single urn for ashes. This is because the materials used to make a high-quality cremation container can be pricey. For example, bronze is one of the most common metals used for these kinds of products, and it's relatively expensive when compared to other types of metal.


But what if you want two cremation containers anyway? Do you have to spend twice as much money on each one? There's no need—companion urns give consumers the chance to save some money while still getting everything they need from their loved ones' remains. These products generally cost less than half what two separate containers would set you back!


When you're in mourning, it can be very hard to make decisions -- especially when it comes to decisions about last wishes and remains.

Choosing an urn for ashes is a difficult decision to make. You might be overwhelmed with the options, or your grief may be so overwhelming that it's hard to think of anything else. If this describes you and your situation, we'd like to offer some guidance on how you can best choose an urn for your loved one.


When someone dies, they need their family by their side. This can make decisions about last wishes and remains very challenging -- especially when they involve something as personal as choosing an urn! But because there are so many options available today (not to mention the fact that many people don't know where their loved ones' ashes will land), picking just one can seem overwhelming at times... especially when you're in mourning!


One way around this problem is simply keeping the ashes together until you've had time to grieve fully; then once things have settled down a bit, look into different types of cremation containers until finding one that feels right for both yourself and your deceased loved one


Companion urns are made from high-quality materials that can withstand the test of time and keep your loved ones' ashes safe for centuries. The majority of companion urns are designed to be buried in the earth, so they're built to last.


You may want to consider a companion urn for cremation if:

  • You want an easy way for others to remember your loved one. A companion urn will allow family members to pay tribute years after their death—even if they live far away from where the person was buried.

  • You want a way to help others heal after losing someone close to them in death. A beautiful, meaningful burial ceremony can help people begin their healing process while honouring their loved one's life story by sharing it with others through storytelling and remembrance videos or photographs at the funeral service.

If you're worried about dividing the ashes evenly, a companion urn allows you the flexibility to arrange the ashes as you see fit. You can keep them together or divide them later. If your loved one had a specific location that he or she wanted to be buried in and you want to honour that wish, then keeping his or her ashes together is an easy way for everyone involved to remember where they were laid to rest.

If there is a different family member who wants his or her own set of ashes but doesn't have access to them, then having those sets stored in separate containers makes it easy for both parties to have what they need without mixing up anything else along the way.


Companion urns may come with separate compartments that allow you to use one compartment while keeping the other compartment intact (for example, one compartment could be buried while another stored in a columbarium). This can be useful if you have small children and want to keep your loved ones' ashes together but don't want them buried right away.


Companion urns are also cheaper than buying two separate urns—they're far cheaper than purchasing two single-person cremation urns, especially if they're made from high-quality materials. They're more durable than other types of cremation containers, which is important for long-term storage or burial.


In addition, these beautiful keepsakes will look beautiful on display at home or in a cemetery setting. A companion cremation container is ideal for anyone who wants a display piece at their home but doesn't want the hassle of keeping two separate containers on hand at all times.


In conclusion, companion urns are a great way to remember your loved ones. It is really important to take the time to decide on who will be responsible for taking care of the cremains once they have been placed inside the urn before it is buried or displayed somewhere in your home. Our companion cremation and urns can be personalised in a wide variety of ways, from the material to the colour, and anything else that can be done with a standard piece of pottery. We also have a selection of ready-made designs available for you to browse through.