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Wood is defined as the hard fibrous substance that is suitable for burning or building a piece of furniture that will make a house livable. Thus, wood has been a part of people’s lives for many years for weapons, artworks, papers, and many more. It is the most important element in constructing a boat or making a floor. Also, most of the famous architectural design is made out of wood. With this, here are some reasons why you need to choose wood for your urns. 

Wood is durable

When we use wood in building houses or boats, builders always choose wood as a firm foundation of the structure because it is durable and has already been tested for many years. 


There are different types of woods to choose

Different types of wood can be used in making a wood urn, you can choose the type of wood you want to use. These types of wood will not only give you the durability that you are looking for but will also offer you different colors to choose from. It will give more options to decide what design and color are into your liking. 


Wood has strength

The wood has strength as it is used to help farmers make their work easy in carrying the sack of rice and other farming goods in a truck easily. The wood lumber will serve as a ladder to climb up to the truck and load the goods that will be transported to the public market. 


Wood has a symbol

In choosing the right urn for a loved one, we consider how the things are built and or where the materials come from. We also check if a particular element that was used has a meaning. Wood symbolizes life, wisdom, and strength. This means that using wood as a material for your loved one's urn means celebrating life and how it gives you the wisdom to live life happily through the wood urn.

Wood can last for 50-100 years

    Since we wanted to feel the presence of our loved ones at home and still feel close to them, choosing a wood for the ashes of your loved ones would be the best option. This is with proper care to maintain the urn beautiful as if it was just new.

    Engravings  on woods are pleasing to the eye

      We wanted to be creative in choosing the ornaments and furniture to be added to our homes. Just like that, we also wanted to choose and at the same time creatively with the urns that we will be using. Though there are many things that engravings can be applied to, it is more beautiful if it is seen in wood as they would last for a long time and will not tarnish. You can engrave a loved one's name or have their face engrave in it. 

      In the end, wood is the company of your choice that will serve you for a long time.