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They say when a man loses his beloved dog he will still find a new one to replace them. But that is not the case for everyone, some people treat their dog as part of their being and a family. Others function well when they are with their dogs. When the dog dies, it feels like half of the man's body was taken away from him,  lost all the ability to move and go forward with life just like losing a human family member. 

They can surpass the grief but they will not forget the feeling of having a dog with them. For others, it may sound ridiculous or nonsense but they will never understand the emotion of the person unless they feel the same pain of losing. Because grieving doesn't have a schedule as to when to start and stop. 

Grieving always takes time, even years. We still grieve even though we stop mourning because the pain doesn't heal fast. As a man, you need to divert your attention to the things that matter to you. If you are a family man, you need to work hard for your family and supply food for them. If you are single and self-supporting, though it is even harder to see life like you used to have when you still have the dog with you, you need to get up and start a fresh series of unknown things unraveling. 

You may write a blog about your dog, you can use this as a way to heal because you can express how much you loved them and value their presence. You can create a video that has all the photos of you and your dog so you won't have to miss them that much. Try considering placing their remains in an ash urn for pets so you can still feel their presence in your home and will not feel homesick. 

Consider travel as one of your greatest gateway to letting go of the pain of losing. And fill up your cup of goals with check marks of your travel experience. These are just a few things that you may consider doing while you are still in the process of healing from losing a dog. But there are a lot of things the world can offer you as an aid to surpass the pain and grief you feel. 

And as soon as you are already busy with making new memories and getting more productive in your life, you will find another meaning of your existence and the loss of your beautiful buddy. It may be scary to try these things, but you will never know how good or bad the result it may give in your life. Because trying doesn't mean winning it means learning. And learning is a man's lifetime habit that will never cease to amaze you. The main you feel right now is a temporary emotion and that it will be replaced with joy and happiness in the future.