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A Comprehensive Guide on Where and How to Keep Your Loved One’s Ashes

When a loved one passes away, ensuring their final resting place is the best option for them is essential. This means considering where they want to be buried or cremated and what kind of container should hold their ashes. While many options are available for these needs, some people prefer to keep their loved one close by in an urn. 

Choosing a Keepsake Urn

A keepsake urn is a small, lightweight, portable container that can be used to hold the ashes of a loved one. These containers are usually made from ceramic or porcelain and are designed to have a small number of ashes. They're also generally intended to be kept at home rather than transported, so if you want something easy to carry around with you wherever life takes you, this isn't it!

Keepsake urns come in all shapes and sizes: some look like miniature vases; others resemble teapots or jewellery boxes; still, others resemble coffins (and may even have handles). The most common style features an opening at the top where the lid fits over it like a cork in its bottle; however, there are also models whose caps screw off completely so their contents can be accessed more easily--as well as those whose lids lock into place using clips instead of screws or other mechanical devices (which makes them easier for children who might otherwise get into trouble trying out their new toy).

Choosing a Memorial Urn


There are many different types of memorial urns to choose from. For example, you can select an urn made of other materials, such as wood or porcelain. You can also choose an urn with designs or colours you like.

You'll want to think about the size of your loved one's ashes, how much space they'll need when they're stored in the urn you choose, and how much money you have available for this purchase. Try looking at some samples before deciding which type of memorial vessel would be best suited for their remains!

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Choosing a Cremation Urn


There are many different types of cremation urns available. The most common material for an urn is ceramic, but you can also choose from wood or metal. Cremation jewellery is another option for those who wish to keep the ashes close at hand.

Wooden urns are often made from oak or mahogany wood, which can be stained to match any colour scheme you prefer. Metal caskets are usually silver-plated or brushed steel to prevent rusting over time--but they're not as popular because they're heavy and hard on the eyes compared with other materials like ceramic and glass (which we'll discuss later).

Choosing a Biodegradable Urn

As you may already know, your loved one's ashes are a sacred part of their legacy. Therefore, when you choose to keep them at home, you must do so in a way that respects their memory and reflects your values. One way to do this is by choosing an eco-friendly biodegradable urn made from natural materials such as wood or bamboo. Biodegradable urns are eco-friendly because they break into the organic matter when buried in soil, unlike metal or plastic ones which will remain in the environment indefinitely as pollutants if not properly disposed of at an approved recycling facility (which can be tricky).

Biodegradable Urn Options: Wood vs Bamboo vs Ceramic

Wooden Urns: This type of container has been used for centuries by cultures all over the world, including Native Americans who used hollowed-out logs as burial receptacles for their dead relatives' remains during ceremonies like pow wows or religious rituals involving fire dancing (you may have seen these types of performances on television!). Wooden urns also come with engravings carved into them so that when placed inside another container such as a cardboard box filled with dirt from your backyard garden bed where other plants grow alongside those planted specifically for this purpose--you'll still be able to see what was written there even after months go by without needing any maintenance whatsoever!

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