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When we lose our fur babies pass away, there is the guilt of losing them. We feel guilty for not taking good care of them while they are still alive. Even if others tell us that we have done our best to make them feel comfortable and happy, there is always guilt and questions in our minds that they can not answer. Commemorating their existence through the memorial jewellery for ashes is one of the ways we can feel at ease about what happened. 

This memorial jewellery will remind us that even though their life is short, it was beautiful and colourful. They have given us the life that we don't know we could have and the feeling of being loved when other people can't provide. The jewellery is a testimony of how we love and care for our fur babies even without telling society. 

However, even if the love we have for them is unconditional, we always feel guilty for the times we have neglected their needs. Even if they were already addressed and are no longer around, the memories remind us of the times when we did not prioritise them. But how are we able to overcome this guilt we have? Here are some ways you can do to divert and forget the things that make you feel guilty. 

  • You can think of the things that make them happy. 

  • Even though we feel that we did not make them happy because we don't spend much time with them, there are always moments that you have in mind that are special and can make you smile whenever you think of them—those moments where you are at your happiest, and you feel that your pet is comfortable too. Happy moments with them are the best time a fur parent can ever have. And for you to remember it and have memorial jewellery to remember it makes it more special. 

    Spending time with them even though you are tired from work is the best gift you have given in their lifetime. Those are the things that money can't buy. The memories that are replaying in your mind are those that are bound for a lifetime. And if they are still alive, they would have expressed their gratitude for all the things you have done for them by cuddling with you. 

  • You can make a journal about what you feel while thinking about them.

  • If you cannot express your feelings about missing them, you can write a journal every time you miss them. Some people are not expressive in what they feel. They would rather keep it to themselves than telling it to others. If you are that kind of person, you can start writing about your feelings about your pet's passing and the guilt you feel. 

    It will help you release all your emotions, especially the guilt you feel. There is no need to keep within yourself, and you can always write them. Writing it is a promising therapy for fur parents to relieve their stress and feeling. 

  • You can spend time with friends.

  • Spending time with friends might be a common distraction for grieving people, but it is an effective way to divert someone's attention. Your friends are an excellent distraction from your loneliness. They will help you get over your guilt and pain. You can be free with them. 

    Distraction is part of the process that you need to go through to overcome grief. They say when you are with your friends you can be the person you always want to be. If you don't have anyone in your household to talk about your pain, you can call your friend/s to have a little chit chat with them. Sharing what you feel with your friends can lessen the guilt you feel inside.

  • You have to forgive yourself for what happened in the past. 

  • You can never move on from the guilt if you still remember the times that trigger your guilt. It would help if you started forgiving yourself about what happened because your pet has already forgiven you—letting off what hinders you from living the life you deserve. 

    You don't have to force things that you can no longer change. But you need to start with the things that can make you a better person instead. In that way, you can make your fur babies proud of their fur parents. What you have done in the past will define who you will be in the future. The person you want to be is the fur parent every pet would like to have in the future. 

    It is okay to feel guilty, but do not linger in it for a long time. It would help if you remembered that staying in that emotion will lead you to no good. If you like, you can have it as your inspiration to become the person you would want in the future.