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Many people in the world have an illness, and some of them are terminally ill. It means that they are counting their days to live in the world. Before they pass away, there are people who the family hires to take good care of them and be with them all the time. It can be their family member or a hospice who would spend the rest of the remaining days with them. If the person passes away and wants to have their remains cremated, families can now opt to have their loved one's ashes in pendants

Instead of having it in the urn where they need a burial for their loved one, they decide to have the ashes scattered in a specific place. They can have ashes be sent to a keepsake store and combined or stored in a pendant. In that way, the family can still remember the beautiful memories they have with the person. Even though the person was terminally ill, they still enjoy their life, and the family can reminisce about those fun memories for the rest of their lives. 

It is hard for the family to move on from the life they used to have when they are still alive, especially if they are already used to it for a long time. There will be days when they do the things they used to do with the person and cry because that person is no longer around. They will remember that things have changed, and they need to accept it. They can't easily surpass it because it has been their life, and after so many years of battle, the person already let go and decided to join the angels in heaven. 

It is heartbreaking seeing anyone in your family that is terminally ill. It would break your hearts into pieces and nightmares of the worst scenarios that might happen to them. Even if your family or loved ones are already used to this kind of feeling, you think they will be numb and prepared for the day the person will pass away. But it is not the case. Even if they already prepared themselves for it, they would still feel hurt and sorrowful. 

More than anything, they need a release from what they feel and from the agony of seeing their loved ones suffering from a terminal illness. Even though you can say that they are happy because their loved ones are already free from pain and suffering, there is still sadness and regrets in them that they are trying to hide. They need to be strong for their remaining loved ones. 

You can't tell them to be strong.


Telling them to be strong sometimes means they need to endure all the pain and hard work. Even if you mean that they need to be vital for their family and themselves, you might be misunderstood by saying this. It is because they already know that, and they have been doing it for a long time. You don't need to tell them repeatedly. 

Instead of telling them that they need to be strong, you can say you are there for them. You are willing to listen to them even if they are repeatedly crying. That is okay because that is the only way they can release the pain that they have. You don't need to say anything or do something extraordinary for them to be relaxed. Staying by their side and listening to all their thoughts would mean the world for them. 

Allow them to rant. 


You often encounter people who have loved ones that are terminally ill rant out. It is because they are tired and want to rest from all the pain they have been feeling. Even if the person has already passed away, they will still rant out about what they have done for the person to live or extend their life. 

They are doing this not because they want to brag or leash out. But they are ranting out because they regret the things they have done for their loved ones. They regret that they did not do more because they think their efforts are not reasonable enough to sustain the life of their loved ones. Please don't be mad at them or fight them back. Allow them to vent out their anger and regret. 

Some people need to release all their emotions to make them feel okay. Allow them to do that if that will help them to be calm and focus again. But it would be best if you were careful that they didn't hurt themselves and you. Sometimes, in the urge of their emotions, they might hurt themselves or anyone with them. 

When you comfort someone or a loved one who has been through a lot of hard work and sacrifices, you need to be sensitive and careful because sometimes they can easily upset you with things. It would help if you considered that they are mourning and they are in pain. You can still be upfront to them if they already did too much to hurt themselves and other people.