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Grieving is part of the human experience. It is part of our journey as we move forward in life. There are times after we lose our loved ones, we tend to lose ourselves too. We don't know how to figure out things that were so easy for us before. The things that used to be vibrant become plain and shallow. They no longer have a significant impact on us anymore. The best version of yourself no longer exists like how it shines like the charm for bracelets pandora

The charm shines because it is well designed for you. It is there to remind you that even in the darkness of your day, there will always be a light where you can run and be free. But as you lost the person, you lost that life and outlook too. The charm is your reminder that whenever you lose hope, you can think of the things that keep you going and the happiness you bring to the feelings of the people who care for you. 

As you grieve for your loved ones, you also grieve for yourself because you are losing the person you used to be. The smile that everyone sees on your face is no longer visible. The aura and the light you have whenever you enter the room outshine no more. You are no longer grieving for your demise but for yourself too. And that is the hardest thing to let go of. 

You are battling with yourself and the emotions you have. The pain of losing your loved one and the grief for your lost self is a complicated thing. It will take you so much, and you will lose control over things. You will lose sleep thinking of why these things are happening to you. How will you be able to overcome it? Will you be able to get over it? Can you find yourself once again?

You will bombard yourself with these questions. It is hard finding yourself once again while you are still in the process of grieving. It is because you will be torn with the things that you need to do. But there are things that you want to try when you are looking to find yourself again and overcome grief simultaneously. 

Look for new things to discover


When you are cramped inside your house when you are not working, you need to find new things that will set your eyes and make you work for it every day. Something makes you look forward every day and miss it when you no longer have it—things outside your comfort zone and the things that remind you of the person. 

You don't have to forget the pain right away. What you need is a leeway to get past it. You may unleash the adventurous side of yourself and go into the wild hunting, climbing or forest exploration. And even dive into the depths of the sea to swim with fishes and other sea creatures you can interact with. These are some of the things that will help you overcome grief and slowly regain yourself. 

You can start socializing again.


If you lost someone you loved, especially if the person is your significant other, you can't easily mingle again with other people. It will take some time before you open your doors again for a new person. But when you feel that you are ready to meet new people, you can socialize again. 

You don't need to rush into getting in a relationship, but you need to give yourself time to let go of pain and get some fresh air with your friends. You can also get together with your old friends and have time to update what is happening with your lives. People who know you better are the ones who can make you smile even if you are fighting to find the courage to keep going in life. 

The kind of comfort that people who care and love you know that even if they are busy, you need them. They will make them hang out with you and do some chit chat. That is why you need to socialize and get together with your old and new friends. 

Start setting goals for yourself.


Starting to set goals in life is the best thing. You will have a sense of direction on what you would like to do in the future. Something that matters to you and makes you even more productive in life. You need to assess yourself for the items you want to do to set a goal for yourself. It will be helpful because you have something you can look forward to doing every day. 

If you like to start a business, you can put that as your goal and have it as your inspiration to let go of your pain. It will help you find the passion you have inside and the self that you lost when your loved one passes away. You don't need to limit yourself to the capabilities you already know and are already comfortable with. You need to set new goals in yourself to help you find the real you and get over with pain. 

From then, you can start releasing all your pain, and you can slowly begin a new journey with the new you. But you don't need to rush things. Take it slow to enjoy the things you will be doing in the future. And you will be able to forget the pain entirely.