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When people lose their loved ones, they become a worrier. They are worried about the little things that are about anyone or their loved ones. Even with little things, they overthink a lot. They don't want to experience the same situation they have been in where they are helpless, or maybe they are the last person who knows that a family member passed away. They keep the ashes into necklace as a reminder and carry them with them. 

They need to know everything because they want to prepare. It is normal to worry, to feel stressed out with things. It will only become above normal when a person excessively overthinks things, especially with every detail of their life. The common cause of anxiety often is grief, work stress or relationship. 

Overthinking things is what people do when they don't know how and why they have entered this kind of situation. And we overthink the stuff we used to do that we can no longer have, like the people we love who passed away. We think of them every day since their last day. We even dream of them that they are still around, waking us up, giving a sweet kiss and hug in the morning, or giving a midnight call when we do overtime at work.

We wish they were all true and that we would never wake up to reality. But we have to. That is why we are overthinking things on how we can get out of this kind of situation. The beautiful things that we used to see are the reasons why we worry. Even simple socialization of some acquainted friends can cause overthinking for some people because it can be their loved ones' reason why they passed away. 

Worrying is what hinders people from breaking free from their fears and comfort. It also stops them from facing the future. People with anxiety often do not feel that they already have one unless they are told they have it or have done research about it. There are a lot of symptoms that you may observe with a person having anxiety. 

  • They are restless

  • People with anxiety problems are restless since they think all day and night about what they have done or what is about to happen. They couldn't get enough sleep because even when they are about to sleep, they still do the little things they have done for today or the things that are about to do tomorrow.  

    When you know restless people because they keep overthinking things, tell them to relax and try to clear their minds of all the things that worry them. You can also suggest doing meditation to find peace and relaxation. And you can, over your time, listen to their thoughts even if they are repetitive. That is the only way they can get out their thoughts. 

  • They are having a hard time concentrating.

  • Losing a loved one is a challenging event to get over with. It takes time and effort to move on. And when people have anxiety, they can't concentrate on the things you are saying. They have other things in their mind. That is why people who have fear are a challenge with their focus. 

    Their minds are somewhere their loved one is or with the memories that they are thinking. Their minds are always preoccupied with thoughts on what to do next after they lose their loved one. They are also considering how to console themselves about what happened.

  • Sleep Disturbance

  • When a person is overthinking, their minds are restless, so is their body. The body can't rest because the mind is still working. Instead of having a good night's sleep, they will become sleepless. The time intended for resting is occupied with all the thoughts they have in the world since the person passes away. And the worst is they will become accustomed to it. They can go days without sleeping, and it can hit their health. 

    It will become the family's worst nightmare. It is because the person's sleeping disturbance can turn into an illness. They need to have someone who can talk about life and a patient listening to what they have in mind. Some people, in this case, use pills to have fallen asleep and stop worrying and thinking. 

  • Panic Attack

  • The worst thing you will see to a person who has anxiety has a panic attack. Panic Attack includes shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness, chest pain and many more. That is why communication is essential. It plays a vital role in someones' life, especially when they are grieving. 

    If you feel that some of your family members have anxiety symptoms, you can talk to them. Ask what things that bother them and how you can help them. It is simple, but it can help them a lot because it can be how they can share their thoughts about life.