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A spouse is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. The person that you choose to share the rest of your journey. A husband is to wife and wife to a husband. The husband provides for the family and makes sure that the household is protected. But once he passes away, his remains can be placed in ashes to glass rings so his family members can still have a piece of him with them.

Their remains deserve a unique way of honouring and remembering them. Rings are not fancy, but as long as it gives the family something that they can remember, the head of the family is the best thing. It is not fancy, but it has heart and effort while making it. That is the most important thing. 

The family's world may no longer be the same as it was when he was still alive, but his love and discipline will remain in the hearts and minds of the family members. The wife will become a widow as he lost his husband, and the children will become fatherless. These are only the things that people see from the outside, but they don't know that the head of the family is still alive in their hearts. 

He is a hero for his kids. He is a gentle but disciplinarian father to his children. He always makes sure that he provides for his family even if it is hard and always makes them feel that what he does are simple and lighter things to carry. He always tries his best to make sure that they don't bring work stress at home. 

These are some of the things that our fathers want whenever we are with them. They don't want their children to be stressed out with the things that they are going through. They only want to see their kids happy and productive in the future life they want to have. Their loving and sometimes strict way of disciplining us form us to become the better version of our being. 

Our father sometimes nags at us when things go wrong, or we do not listen to them. But they are all for our good. They will say it if we don't get anything from it. They let us experience things for us to learn on our own. But let the things we learn from them and our experience be our guide to make them proud even if they are no longer around. 

  • Respect others if you want to be respected. 

  • Our dads will let us do things we love that mom does not approve of, sometimes. But they always emphasize that we need to respect others so that we can get respect too. That is one of the things that they taught us that would remain in our hearts and minds even if they are no longer around to remind us. 

  • Never do things against your will.

  • We all have those little things that we love to do that turn into a big dream. But we forget them because of the practical things that we need to address. Our father reminds us that no matter what things get in your way of achieving your dream, make sure your eyes are fixed on your goal. 

    They will always see that no matter how many obstacles you face in reaching your dream, you can overcome them. There might be a little twist and turns, but they ensure that you will still get to enjoy the goal you always want. They are always there to support you, even if they are no longer around. The love and support they have given you from your childhood until the day you realize that your dream is your biggest goal will never go to waste. 

  • You are strong and wise.

  • Fathers always want their children to be wise in making decisions for themselves, and even your mother would like that too. But for that, dad, you are not only innovative, but you need to be strong too. You know how to kick some bad guys that will try to harm you. They want you to know how to defend yourself if they are not around to protect you. 

    Since they are no longer around, their teaching about self-defence and being wise should remain in your heart and mind. They taught you that because dads know one day, you will be on your own, and they will no longer be around to protect you. They want to make sure that you are ready with all the things that life throws at you. 

    When you miss them and want to talk to them, the ashes ring with the remains will remind you that they will always be your dad and you are his child no matter what happened. The bond will never end. It will give you peace of mind when things get chaotic, and you want to dive into the peace and calmness of life.