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When you lose your best friend, classmate and adviser, you will be more likely to be less motivated to go to school. And especially they are the ones who inspire you to be good at school and excel. You will no longer find going to school interesting after your best friend passed away. The ashes jewellery that you got for yourself is the only thing that helps you remember them every day. 

You lost the person who understands you the most. The person who always gives you honest and blunt comments on things that they see does not work for you, even if you like it. They are the ones that make you sad and the people who make you the happiest outside your home. Your best friend is the home that you have outside your home. 

When things go wrong, you run to them before turning your problems to your parents. You know and feel that they will give you the advice as they are the same age as you are. They know all your secrets, even the most minor thing, like sneaking out after bedtime to play games or to visit someone you like. They know all of it. When they take their last breath, you want to take their hands and say, "please stay". But they let go and never come back. 

The hardest part of a person's life is letting go of the person you want to grow up with. Growing up together is not only applicable for siblings and lovers. It is always and will be part of friendship. The plans that you will be each other's kid's godparents in the future will no longer be possible. You lost the person whom you want to be part of your happiness and sadness. 

They are no longer the person you call friends, and they are the family you have outside your home. They are not other people that you will shed tears on when they are gone. They are the people who you want to spend days crying, making sure they hear your grief and hope that attends your heartbeat yearning to see them once again. You will miss them at school and any places you have been with them. 

The school will no longer be the same without them. You will feel that you need to be alone and avoid people. You will no longer have the fun that you had while they are still alive. But you want to relive their memories with the ashes jewellery you have in you. You want to remember the days of happy smiles is what you see. 

In the process of accepting that they are gone, you will feel;

  • loneliness

  • You will feel lonely because it is no longer the same routine that you are doing while your best friend is still alive. If they fetch you from your house so that you can go together on your way to school. It will change instantly, and you will find yourself waiting for the doorbell to ring, but it will no longer be ringing in the early morning because they are no longer around to fetch you. But with the ashes jewellery, you can still feel inspired to wake up every day feeling a little better than usual because you have something that will remind you of beautiful memories.  

  • Defensive

  • It is often the first behaviour for people who lost the people they value so much. They want to defend themselves from losing the battle over the situation. They will make themselves busy to avoid thinking about their best friend. When you are at school, you will find belongingness to other people. 

    You will join school clubs to make sure that you have many things to do, so you can avoid thinking about the person. You can avoid thinking about them for a while, but the thoughts are still in your mind. It will never leave unless you find yourself shattered and accept the fact they are gone. 

  • Pain

  • It is always the person's initial reaction when they know that they can no longer see the person they loved and value. That is what you feel when you lose your best friend. You no longer feel the other emotions inside you because the pain has taken over the position in your heart and mind. Once you get back to school, you want to get yourself back up and force yourself to be okay even if you are not. 

    The loneliness of not seeing your best friend at school will pain you so much. There would come to the point that you no longer feel any other things inside your heart aside from pain and get numb about it. But you don't need to drown yourself in wonders and misery because you have ashes jewellery that will remind you of the happy thoughts and memories you have created with your best friend. 

    Accepting that you lost someone you love as a brother or a sister is not an easy thing to do. But it would help if you were stronger than you have been before and get through the pain; you can move on right away.