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Tomorrow is no longer the same without the people that we treasure the most. Morning routines will no longer be that beautiful as it was when they were still alive. And today was the outcome of the strength we got from the ashes made for jewellery of our loved ones.

We don't know what the future holds after losing them—adjusting our lives because they are no longer there to be with us, and it's hard. Our today is a reminder that tomorrow is a different day to start with new beginnings. But how do we deal with our uncertainties after losing a loved one?


  • It would be best if you defined first what your uncertainties are.

We all have gone through the phase where we don't know the next step after losing our loved ones. We can't decide which way to go. To overcome these things, we need to evaluate ourselves. Check the things that we are afraid of and the things we are sure of doing. 

You can start with deciding to wear your ashes made for jewellery every day as your comfort. You can have it with you wherever you go, like your loved ones. Then you can proceed with other things that make you feel so unsure about what you do the next day.


  • Talk to a friend or a relative.

The only way you can ease all your uncertainties is to talk about it. Talking to someone about it will help you let go of these things. It will give you peace of mind and can comfort you. They will provide pieces of advice on how you will be able to deal with your uncertainties and overcome them. 

It is an excellent way to start a day after releasing all uncertain baggage in your heart. It is a kind of relief. Talking to people is your way to release your worries and uncertainties in life. 


  • Assess your uncertainties

Assessing your uncertainties in life will help you understand the reason why you have them. Once you already know what they and their causes are, you may start checking all the possible ways to overcome them. Even though it is not easy because of what you feel and you don't know how to do it. But when you pause and take a deep breath-meditate, you will realize those uncertainties. 

You would know that they are what you fear because you can feel it even though you think about them. You feel the fear because you don't know what you would expect the next day and what your day will be after today. Fear is the result of your uncertainties. It is like a side that will grow inside you and live in you to address your uncertainties.

  • Face your fear and uncertainties

As the saying goes, face your fear. We need to face our fears and uncertainties in life if we want to move forward with a peaceful mind. And wake up every day with a positive outlook on life. Facing them is the most brutal battle someone who is grieving will ever encounter. 

It would help if you overcame what holds you back from looking forward every day. These fears and worries that we have for our future will hold us back from enjoying our life right now. You may lose the person you treasure the most, but that won't stop you from moving forward in life. 

We all have uncertainties, worries, and fears in life, especially when we just lost someone who is part of who we are. It is not an easy battle. That is why you are skeptical about things you do moving forward because you don't want to go back to that situation again. You have your worries that affect how you deal with other people and the problem. 

These worries and uncertainties you have will result in fear. You are afraid to get close with other people or do something very unusual because you are scared that you will lose something or someone. You are still unsure how you will deal with your life for the next following days, weeks, months, and years without that person.