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As humans, we always want to improve for the people we love. We do our best to make them proud. Our family and the rest of the people who love us are the backbones of our dreams. Leaning to the future is what everyone wants for themselves, and that is what our family would like us to do as well. When all hopes are shattered with one of the people we love, inspiration comes to discouragement to move forward in life. Yet, there is always one metaphor people would like to have in every journey as a reminder for one's demise, ashes jewellery.

It is the best thing that describes how the person's life was when they are still alive and want to carry it around. The ashes inside or combined in that jewellery are their loved ones, and they want to wear them through their life journey as if the person is with them every step of the way. It is also their way of telling people that they may see them incomplete, but they don't anybody else with this metaphor. 

The defence they use whenever they are in worries or sadness. Their weapon when they want to battle the loneliness the person's passing brought to their life. The security that they need whenever they are in doubt with the things that surround them. For them and you, there will always be that one that you always have to carry or wear with you whenever you go. 

Apart from the ashes jewellery, there are many things that you can use as our metaphor, where we can add some of the ashes of our loved ones in it. But don't close your doors with other options that can help you get out from grieving. You can take your family member's advice or your friend on how to battle sadness. Indeed, the ashes jewellery can give the comfort you need when you are alone, but it would be great if you also had support from the people who care for you. 

Their support in your battle can significantly impact your life and make a change even in small things. You can win the battle alone, but it is more triumphant if you have conquered it with your family's help and support. Thus, don't forget to thank them for the things that they have done for you.

Thank you for being there when I need hope

    It is not easy to give hope to someone who is already losing it. Your family members, friends and relatives that comfort you and give you the best of advice and comfort you need to find hope in your battle are the people who are the real treasure you can't trade for any gold. Don't forget to thank them for all their efforts because it will make them feel that they are doing the right thing in their lives and have influenced you.

    Thank you so much for being so understanding

      Understanding someone while they are in grief is the hardest thing to do. You need to realize that there will be days that the person will become moody or snobbish. And some days, they are in the mood for anything you want them to do. The people who stick with you while you are undergoing the process of grieving are the people who care a lot for you. 

      They may not understand you sometimes because of changing your mood and the emotions you show to them, but they choose to stay because they know you and your situation. That is why a simple thank you would mean the world to them. 

      Thank you for helping me realize my opportunities

        We all have space for us to grow as individuals, and when you are in the most down part of Your Life, you may feel discouraged and uncertain about what you can do. You will forget the things that you are good at because you think slightly about other people. The people around you will make sure that you will remind you that you have all the capabilities you need to move forward in life. 

        Even though you lose one of your loved ones, you need to continue life for your future. And it is something your demise would like for you to do if they are still alive. That is for you not to miss any chance in life. The choices that you are making today are the things you will harvest in the future. 

        In life, the metaphors represent the things we want to have in life or the persona you would like to imitate, or you would like to be remembered. And it also applies to the people whom we want to remember for the rest of our lives. Through the people who support and care for us, we get the chance to have that metaphor and live with it. Thus, it allows us to remember our dear loved ones the way we want, and they want to be remembered in this lifetime.