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We all shed tears whenever we lost a loved one. We cry because of the thought that we can no longer see them and hang out with them. It is our way of releasing the pain we have inside our hearts and feel relaxed as well. Water is always coming out from our eyes whenever we remember them through our cremation jewellery for ashes

It is usual for most of us because we mourn for our loved ones, and crying is our way of expressing ourselves. But some people are allergic to any form of water that touches their skin. You can't imagine the life they want to express their sadness, but they need to hold on because it will cause them much more trouble if it touches their skin. 

The allergies do not limit when someone is shedding tears. They can be allergic to any water they will have that touches their bodies. According to research, this allergy is called Aquagenic Urticaria. It is the body's rejection of water. Even though the human body is mostly water in the body, the allergy only triggers when the water touches the outer skin of the person. 

People with Aquagenic Urticaria or water-caused hives can feel headaches and reddish welts on their skins. They can still drink water and take food with water in it, but they need to be careful to contact water in their outer skin. They can be allergic to their sweats too. But it does not affect me as much as taking a dip in a pool. Thus, they will also have a problem taking a bath since the whole body needs to be wet. 

Tears are an essential part of us as human beings. It is our way of expressing our happiness and sadness. But the lives of people who have this kind of allergy might be different. They can't shed so many tears every time they feel sad and lonely. They need to control it, or else their face or body will be full of hives. 

It is a rare condition, and most of us do not know about it. We don't know how to comfort someone who has this kind of condition, especially when they need to cry to let go of the sadness they feel. Even if we tell them to stop crying and hold their tears, the tears will fall in their eyes. We can't control the tears falling from their eyes. 

Crying is part of grieving. It is part of the process of letting go of the pain you have been dealing with when a loved one passes away. And people with this condition might pity or hate themselves because they can't cry for their loved ones and will add to the sadness they feel. You can comfort and help them with the things they need in case they will cry. 

Remind them to take their medicine

When someone is in sadness and loneliness, they can no longer think of other things they need. They can't think of the essential items they need to do, especially when they need to drink their medicine. It is unavoidable that there would be a time that they will cry even if the small tears can still trigger hives. 

You can help them by reminding them to have their medicine in their bags or wallet. They need to have their medication with them constantly because they don't know when their allergies will trigger. Like what people drink when they have allergies, people with water-caused hives can drink Antihistamines to treat the swelling and redness of their skin.

Bring a towel and umbrella. 

When you want to attend the burial of your loved ones, you are afraid that you will sweat and trigger your hives. You can bring a towel and an umbrella as your protection from the sun and rain. You can use your towel to wipe off the sweat in your body if you stay longer under the sun. 

You need to take good care of your body because that is also what your loved ones want you to do. Even if you have a rare allergic condition, it will not stop you from honouring them and being at their burial. But it would be best if you were sensitive and careful of your body. 

Most of us don't know this exists. It may sound ridiculous to others and funny at the same time because we are made of mostly water. But some people already have it. And as much as they want to express their pain and sadness through crying so much. They can't because it might activate their hives. Even if they have medicines to take, they still have preventive measures for the allergies not to become worse. 

They need comfort that does not require them to be teary, dip in the pool or even run in the rain. You can comfort them by talking to them about the things that you can both laugh about. You don't need to pity them too because it may add to the feeling they have. It is hard for them because they can't express so much of what they feel, and they can't enjoy the rain too much like most of us do. Make them feel that they are normal.