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When the head of a family passes away, we mourn for them because we lost someone we can talk to and run to whenever we need help. We can call them whenever we need something, or we are short financially. In honor of their sacrifices and love, we can have ashes rings for their remains. In that way, we remember them with fondness and joy. 

Aside from our father or mother being the head of the family, we have other older brothers and sisters who became one when both parents are no longer around. They also sacrifice things for the family. Sometimes even getting someone they love will become a choice for them because they have a family to care for. And we often say that we appreciate people who sacrifice everything for their families. But when they need our help, we sometimes tend to ignore them because we usually have this mindset to carry out everything. 

We think that they can also find a solution in everything. We became complacent with their situation. We always believe that they can get through things no matter what happens. Well, that is true. However, more than anything the world can offer, they need our help too. And when they pass away, we can no longer thank them and tell them how much we appreciate their efforts and sacrifices. 

These are the common regrets that we experience if we seldom communicate with our family members. But when they are already gone, you can commemorate them with the things they have done for you. If they are the ones who support your studies and were not able to see you wear your graduation gown, you can dedicate your diploma to them. Thus, the ashes rings you have will remind you that they are happy with what you have achieved. 

Even though sadness is still there because you can no longer be with them physically, but make that moment your stepping stone to make them proud-making your life beautiful as they planned it to be. You are off to the things that are greater than what had been planned, and you will hold the promise and love they have given for you to reach your dream. But sometimes you will feel lonely and sad because they are no longer around to be one of your cheerers. It will make you think things hinder you from reaching your dream. 

You need to think that no one will run the game of life for you but yourself if you feel lonely because they are no longer around. It would help if you thought of things that would boost your confidence and determination to get your goal. And if you are tired and weary, you can think of things to get through with it;

  • They love you

  • No matter how hard the process of accepting that they are no longer around to annoy you or give you their unsolicited advice, which is helpful. But your loved ones love you more than anything in the world. Before they leave, they make sure that you are on the right track and you will have the time in your life to enjoy and not go through the hardship they have experienced. And it is unchangeable. 

    Even if you think you don't deserve their love and sacrifices, they have done those things to remind you that they love you and want nothing but the best for you. That, when they are no longer around you, will be equipped for the things you need. In return, you need to make them proud even though they are no longer around to tell you congratulations. 

    1.  You deserve to be loved.

    It is understandable that when you lose someone you rely on, you will lose all the confidence and affection you have. You will be empty and undeserving because life took them away from you, especially when you cannot achieve the goal they want for you. They know that there will always be a point in our lives where we want to have things in our way. One of those things is your dream job. They want you to become a doctor, but you want to become a musician. 

    You want to pursue your passion instead of getting into a medical school and study. Since you want to make them proud, you have studied so hard to get into the school, but you have realized that you want to pursue the career you want. And now you are doubtful if they will still be proud of you even if you're going to follow what your heart desires. Above all else, no matter what career you take, they are proud of you, and nothing will make them love you less. 

    Even though they are no longer around, their love for you is boundless, and whenever you go, you can feel their love for you. They will remind you that there are no earthly things that can change the love they have for you. And they have no regrets about the things they have sacrificed for you and for the family's welfare.