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When the pandemic hits the world, everyone is vulnerable. People are starting to change their usual lifestyles. Thus, it gave way to innovation and resourcefulness. It introduces garden urns for ashes as one of the beautiful designs for your loved ones' urns. 

It is an innovative version of the usual urns that we see. It changes the mindset of people who are seeing urns in your garden or at home. Since you can have these urns as display while the ashes of your loved ones are still inside the jar. You may also add it as a decoration in your garden. The list goes on of what you can do with your garden urns. 

We can't limit ourselves with the innovation we want to do. Everyone was advised to stay home but for our safety. But that is why I think innovation is limited because we are in the four corners of our home. It sometimes attacks our minds about negative things, especially when we recently lost one of our loved ones over the said virus.

 Here are some things you can do while you are at home and want to recover from grieving;

  • Clean your whole house.

  • Cleaning is what we do every day. But we don't clean the entire house every day because it will consume so much of our time. Try to do general cleaning in your house every other week. It will help you find peace, and it is also a stress reliever. You can rearrange things and how you display your garden urns at home to look even more pleasing and attractive. 

  •  Reading 

  • When we are busy hustling with a lot of things about our loved ones' funerals and the aftermath, we forget to have time for ourselves. We need to find time to sit down and get a book that will refresh our minds and remind us to be mentally healthy. 

  • Yoga

  • Yoga can help you improve your body posture. Moreover, it helps you feel relaxed since losing a loved one is an energy-draining moment. It is the best way to release stress and align your body posture. While you are at home, you may do this to clear your mind and have a brighter mood in the coming days. 

  • Be Wise

  • Find time to do things that will make you productive and help you become wiser. You need to revisit your goal when your loved ones are still alive and check them again if you are still in line with these goals after what happened. You try to reassess yourself with new goals that will focus on improving your worth and health. 

  • Ignite your passion again.

  • If you are already done with the things suggested above, you may visit things you are passionate about and start doing them again. If you love taking photos of people who are important to you but stop when you lose a loved one over the virus, you may start doing them again. You can start capturing little moments you do at home. Start with these little things. It will not only ignite your passion again but you become resourceful of the things around you. 

    We become resourceful and critical thinkers after we experience the great challenge with COVID-19. This pandemic took a lot of lives that saddened the world. It took the time most of us were looking forward to years with our loved ones. 

    It is a critical year for all of us. But it is also the year where we find all the alternatives to keep our ideas and creativity burning. Some of us had our yard recultivated for a new set of flowers to be planted, while others opened up their online store. With all that is happening in the world, we want to celebrate every milestone we create with our family. 

    Though we can see them through our mobile phones and check on them, their presence is what is needed. We feel at ease when they are around, but the pandemic hinders us. It draws a boundary that we can't jump in to see our family. And we need to be even more careful socializing with the people outside our home for health measures. 

    It changes the way we live everyday. It changes how we hold funeral services for our families. If we are from afar, we can't easily get straight home. And attend the funeral service because we need to quarantine ourselves to make sure everyone is safe. It gives us a hard time, but we have to deal with it for our family's safety. 

    We forget how to be creative and resourceful because of the chaos that surrounds us. We left our innovative minds untouched because we have lost interest in discovering new things. A lot of things have happened, and we sometimes don't know where to start. And when we try to create new things, some things will hinder us from creating one, so we lose our determination to go for things. 

    But never settle on what meets the eye. We need to go beyond our imagination and innovate.