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When we lose a person with whom we have shared a very close relationship, the chances are that we won't be able to cope up with the grief. Life continues, even if someone decides to stay or leave. It is our decision to move on with the life because every day is a new beginning. Choose the person with whom you want to begin this new day, or should I say, a new phase in your life. It is not that we don't understand the pain and grief of letting a beloved go. Remember, all this wasn't in your hands. Now that your beloved is gone forever and you are left with nothing but just their memories and the ashes! Cherish them. Choose online containers for cremated ashes and keep them close to you for that comforting phase when you really miss your beloved. It is these memories that will help you in holding a successful memorial for the deceased person's soul.


During the memorial ceremony, your funeral home will provide you with the cremated ashes. It is completely up to you, i.e. how you want to handle the ashes. Decide what you actually want to do with the ashes- burial or scattering. If you have planned to store the ashes of the beloved person with you, you need containers for cremated ashes. These containers are urns and caskets for ashes. You can display the urn holding ashes on a shelf at your home. In addition to this, it is not always important to store the ashes in your home, you can place the urn for ashes in a columbarium. If you want to bury the ashes in soil or scatter them in water, opt for a biodegradable one. One can even choose to get these human ashes converted into diamonds or jewellery pieces. This is a timeless way to memorialise the loved one, just by holding a small portion of the last cremated remains with you to cherish forever.


UNICORN RAINBOW CREMATION ASHES WOODEN CHILD/INFANT URN and FAIRY DUST WOODEN CHILD/INFANT CREMATION ASHES URN are two stunning containers for holding cremated ashes available online. Buy these beautiful pieces and place them anywhere to cherish the memory of a child.