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Men and women both grieve in their own unique ways. Only a few men are the ones who are emotionally outward as women. This doesn't mean that they don't go through any pain psychologically. Even they go through a range of emotions when they lose a loved one. Men belong to the category where they prefer to give a quiet tribute to the one they lost rather than being emotional like women. Ashes jewellery for men is a way of giving quiet tribute and a personal accessory that can be worn in the daily life as the form of a lasting deceased person memory. 


Cremation jewellery allows you to turn your loved one's ashes into a forever piece of memory. It is this ashes jewellery that is not just perfectly discreet but also special for the person wearing it. You can get the cremated ashes turned into some jewellery or diamond. The diamond can be thus placed into ashes jewellery ring. The jeweller will set them in a range of traditional men ashes jewellery. Just send the ashes securely to your jeweller and he'll create it into a unique piece of keepsake jewellery. This is a fantastic way of turning the ashes into jewellery and keeping your loved one with you forever. You can even get it customised with a personalised inscription to it, like initials or a meaningful message for the close ones you have lost.


Despite the fact that there aren't a huge variety of designs available when it comes to choosing memorial jewellery for men. But the skilled craftsmen of today's creative world make it possible to develop lots of new ideas for designing of ashes jewellery for men. Usually, men ashes jewellery are designed to be simple and rugged. You might find this jewellery collection for men revolving around pleasing shapes and aesthetic designs with a great finish. ROUND TREE OF LIFE CREMATION ASHES PENDANT  and BELGRAVIA DESIGN 6 CREMATION ASHES PENDANT 925 SILVER are two stunning jewellery pieces that can hold the ashes, sacred soil or lock of hair with a secure screw on top of it. Choose the design that expresses your connection with your loved ones the most.