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Most of us treat a pet as a family member. We give the names, celebrate their birthdays, value, and love them as we love other members in the family. That is why when they pass away, feel sad, and greatly in pain because they bring joy to the family. They are also a great companion whenever we feel like distancing ourselves from the world. These emotions that we feel whenever we lose a pet is often misunderstood by others. They will not understand what we feel and end up mocking us.


As human beings, we have our own way of grieving for our pets. For others, they adopt more pets to lessen the pain they feel or will volunteer in saving abused animals to divert the attention from grieving.  Aside from these ways, there are also several ways to cope up with grief. You may consider having these options.


Talk to someone you know that can understand you. The best person you can talk about what you are going through is another pet lover. They can be a friend or a family member that knows you the most because you have the same experience as them. This is one way of letting go of loneliness. They will help make other people feel sympathetic about you and grasp the situation you are in.


Create good memory

Create a memory that will remind you of your beloved pet. You may discover new hobbies that can serve as diversion from your grief. For example, you may paint their image, collect all the photos you have with them and create a scrapbook, or you can start planting trees and name them after your pet. You can also have the remains of your pets be cremated and have the cremated ashes placed in pet urns to remember them.


Take care of yourself

During this process of healing, you can motivate yourself by taking good care of your health. You can do a skin care routine, eat more healthy foods, attend yoga or meditation classes, and exercise. In that way, you will not get yourself in trouble from getting sick. There are a lot of good products that will help you take good care or your skin and phone applications that will track your exercise patterns. This option will keep you in shape for both mental and physical aspects.


Take your pace

And if all these options are not yet applicable, allow yourself to absorb all the pain. Grieving is natural for all human beings. It is okay to get mad, cry and feel lonely because the pain will not go away in an instant. It will take time, space, and energy. But don’t get yourself sulk too much because it may result in a severe disorder that will affect you and your entire family.


Every pet is a beautiful companion, listener, and often the source of happiness at home. They are family no matter what happens. They may depart from this world, but they leave a great memory in our hearts and will remain forever.