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It is hard to explain to the children about the demise of a loved one. It is hard for them to capture all the information given to them and even the adults are having a hard time understanding it. Because losing a loved one is hard and we can't explain exactly the reason why. Children have less knowledge about what to feel about losing someone. This is why parents need to understand it and how to deal with it. 

Explain life is a difficult thing for parents whenever their children ask about where they come from or where life goes from there. But it is harder to explain the loss of someone because this information will cause children a lot of questions and get confused. It will get even harder when they will start to ask about cremation and urns. 

This will give parents a hard time explaining and making the children understand these things. As parents, these can be tough. Your patience will be put to the test discussing these matters with them. Explaining about a demis loved one, cremations, and urns to the children will depend on their age, experiences, and personality. 

Some kids understand these things and it will not be hard for them to grasp the information you will give to them. Others will perceive this explanation as a horror story that will scare them and will become their nightmares. Younger kids are often the scariest ones, they are the ones who will cling to you because of fear after hearing a story about someone who passed away. This is because of what they see on television and hear about it. 

This could lead children to not listen  to your explanation and will find a way to divert your attention to different things so you won't be able to tell them about the things that scare them. But somehow, you may explain to them about it in the simplest form or through simple science that they will understand easily. On the other hand, we have older kids, these kids are a little bit mature to understand the nature of life. 


At this age, they are more open and curious about life. They are experimental and adventurous. They will find cremation and urns a big case to solve. You can explain to them these things deeper but with a little bit of fantasy to it so they will not get bored. They also like sharing information with their friends. This is why parents need to be careful in explaining these to them. Children at this age are transitioning from being a kid to a young man and they are more likely to be open with their parents. 

In explaining cremation to them, you need to have a concrete sample that will make them believe. For example, if a parent/s has lost their loved ones have opted-out cremating the remains of the deceased loved one. They can use a pendant for ashes of loved ones as an example of how cremation is processed and turned into ashes and can be placed in memorial rings or any type of jewelry that can be of use without worries.