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When we think of things that make our dogs happy, we immediately think of their toys and treats. But when they are no longer around, no one will use it anymore. After they passed away, you got your dog ashes necklace that you can wear wherever you go. But there you need to let go of your dog's stuff. 

Some of their stuff is still useful, and they are no longer used by anyone or dogs since you no longer have them around. But what can you do with your dog's belongings? You can't throw them away because they have sentimental value. But you don't want to keep them because no one will be using them. Here are suggestions that you want to try with your dog's stuff.

  1. You can have them as displays.

 If you can't stand giving their stuff to other people because you still want to remember them and see their things as if they are still alive, you can have their belongings as your house displays. You can designate a spot in your house that will be the place where you will put all your dog's belongings. You can add the cabinet to secure them. In that way, you will be able to preserve their memories in your home. 

Aside from the stuff of your dog, your dog ashes necklace will help you keep their memories alive. It will help you retain the blissful memories you had with your good companion. Thus, you will never feel alone with their stuff and your necklace.

  • Upcycle 

  • If you are artistic enough to recycle their stuff, you can do it. You can give a different feel for your dog's belongings once you have already upcycled them. You can have their toys upcycled into a tote bag or collect all the cotton from their stuffed toys and create a new pillow for yourself. In this way, you can still feel them even though they are no longer around. It will also help you unleash the creativeness in you.   

    Aside from unleashing your creativity, it will help you cope with your loss because you will have alone time while doing the upcycle. Furthermore, it will help you focus on everything you do since some of the upcycling processes are a bit tedious—a good diversion of hurt into happiness. And if they have some of the jewellery you have given to them, you can upcycle it and use it as your dog ashes necklace. 

  • Give them away

  • If you decided that you no longer want to see them in your house, you could give them to your friends with dogs so their dogs can use them. You are hitting two birds in one stone, as they say, because you will are helping your friend with some of the things they need for their dogs, and you also help yourself from moving on. By giving them away does not mean that you forget them. But you want to make sure that your dog's things are still helpful, and another lovely dog will be able to benefit from it. 

    Or you can donate it to a dog orphanage where many dogs will be happy to receive it. The staff in the orphanage will be delighted to accept the things you will give them. 

  • Sell them

  • You can sell it in your garage. If many pet owners around your area need dog's stuff for a lower price, you can sell it to them. You are helping yourself to earn while you remember them. They would also be happy to sell their toys away to benefit you and other people in your family. You can donate the amount for the less fortunate people, or you can have the money as your savings. But by doing this, you always have your dog's memory in mind as they are your most fantastic companion when you have no one to be there for you. It is your tribute to them.

  • Disregard them

  • If you think the suggestion given above does not apply to you or will not work for you because you are busy, you can have their things be thrown away. It does not mean that they no longer have value to you, but you are cleaning your house and redecorating it to start a fresh start after your dog has passed away. It does not mean that you no longer want to remember them, but you want to create a new memory with their ashes inside your dog's ashes necklace. 

    This only means that you minimize the stuff you need because you want to have peace of mind. Their belonging is the things that you buy for them to make them happy. Throwing them away will not lessen the love and the happiness they gave you. But they live in your heart for the rest of your life. It is the most valuable treasure you ever had and will keep.