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We usually see ashes placed in an urn instead of putting them in a box. But we can put the remains of loved ones in cremation boxes.  This way, we can engrave our short letter on the exterior of the box. We can break the usual things people do or buy for their loved ones to remember them. Create a new norm that you and your family can only understand. And that makes it a special thing for everyone.

In every family, there is what they call a family treasure. Others keep the memorable things that represent their family's goal and mission. On the other hand, some families define family treasure as money. They treasure it more than anything in the world. 

But only a few families think that the urns or cremation boxes of their loved ones are treasures. It is because only a few people who are taking home their loved ones remain at home. It is not a bad thing or something that would creep, everyone when your family's prized possessions are the cremation box and urns of your loved ones. 

That only means that your family values so many sentimental things. And letting go of the cremation boxes of your loved one is the last thing you can think of. Since you can personalize the cremation box, you can write the promise you made for them when they are still alive or the poem you made that they never get to hear. These are only a few reasons why some families like to keep their loved one's cremation boxes.

But there are other things you may want to know why people keep these cremation boxes and why it is unique. And that can be considered as the family's prized possession.

  1. It is one of a kind.

When looking for a design for our loved ones' cremation box, we always want to make it unique because the person is one of a kind and irreplaceable. It is one reason why other families like to keep cremation boxes even though they already scatter the ashes of their loved ones. 

  • It is recyclable.

  • You can reuse it for a different purpose or have it reserved as your memorabilia. No one says that we can't use an old cremation box. We can use it as long as we manage to clean it thoroughly. Aside from where your loved one's remains were placed, you can have it as your memory box and add all the things that remind you of them. 

  • It has sentimental value.

  • It has sentimental value because it is your loved ones' cremation box. It is the home of their ashes. When you look at the cremation box, it will give a feeling of missing and make you cry. That feeling is incomparable in anything the world can offer. And that is what makes it unique. The reason why your family values the cremation box. 

  • It has memories. 

  • Memory is a treasure that no one can steal from us. They can steal our money, but not the memories we keep inside our heads. The cremation box will remind you of happy memories you have with your loved ones. That is why it is considered a prized possession. 

  • It is fascinating.

  • Some people collect cremation boxes because they are fascinated by how they are built. They want to know things. And for an artist, it is a form of art that will touch the heart of other people. It is because it feels theirs, and they want to share it with the world. Sometimes, they would like to collect them for no particular reason. 

  • It has character.

  • Everything has its character to show off. Having a cremation box as your most treasured item in your home or your life will show your perspective about this world. The color and the design will tell you what kind of person is whose remains were put in there. It will intrigue you because it catches your attention, and you feel that the design and the art understand your emotion. 

    It is a prized possession because you feel it is the companion you are looking for for a long time. Like what other people say, there is an instant connection and bond between the object and the living things. You feel it even though you are not the one who personally processes the cremation box's design. But you know it is unique because of the design and gut feeling.

    Each family has a family treasure that they keep in the heart of their homes, or somewhere only family members know. Nonetheless, what is undesirable for us could be a significant value for others. We all have a unique taste of things we like to keep. But what's important is that these treasures are the things we love and plan to keep for the rest of our lives.