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When the ashes of the dog owner are in cremation urns for adults, they would still recognize and know that the remains inside are their owner. They will stay underneath where the jar is because it is closer to their owner. This cremation urn is suitable for adults who passed away, and it is also stylish depending on what design you would like to have. 

Thus, this is also one way of honoring the dog owner for their sacrifices and efforts towards raising a pet. Like human beings, they have feelings; they understand when they are needed or  not wanted. They feel sad whenever they don't hear their owner's voice or feel their presence. They are also part of the family. When the owner is no longer around, the dogs will feel;



They will seek their owner's presence and look for them whenever the remains are not at home yet, and they will bark endlessly. It means that they call their owner to show up and assure them they are still with them. They feel lonely if, after so many barks, the owner is nowhere to be found. 


Excessive gnashing of their teeth


When a dog is extremely sad because of the passing of its owner, they gnash its teeth excessively. It means they are in pain and stressed out. They mourn for losing the person they trust and accompany. They grieve when they realize that their owner is no longer around. 


Destructive Behavior


The dog will perform destructive behavior that will lead to some accidents. Thus, they will make some commotion that will cause diversion of the attention of grieving people. This behavior is observed when a dog is confused about what is going in its surroundings. They also feel sensitive about this kind of situation. 

They would sometimes distance themselves from the people around them. And once they understand what is happening, they sometimes cry or easily get irritated  at people who like to touch them and comfort them. 

Once their owner passes away, there should be someone who will look after them. That person would be the next owner. They need to know the dogs and understand that they are still grieving after losing its owner. 


The New Owner needs to know the following:


  • Make the dog comfortable

When the dog has a new owner and new home, they will feel uncomfortable. They will bark all day and all night. It means that they wanted to be taken out of their new home because they want to go back to the house of their old owner. It would be best if you got too close to them first before taking them to your home. Make them comfortable with your presence, after which you can introduce them to other family members in your home. 


  • Observe their daily routine

You can observe what they do in the morning and night. Since the owner is no longer around, you need to know them by yourself. It would be best to see the things they wanted to do after they wake up. For example, if they need an afternoon walk or nap time within a day. You need to check those things because it is within their system, and they already adopted it.


  • Food intakes

In adopting a dog, you need to know what kind of they are and what they should eat. You need to know these things to make sure they maintain their well-being. Because some dogs are picky eaters and want to eat the food they are used to eating, they feel when they can't eat it. As a new owner, you need to know this essential thing so you are able to feed them without being guilty. 


  • Train them 

When you already know all the things mentioned above, you can train them with new things. For example, teach them new tricks. It is also a good bonding for you and the dog. It is an excellent start-up to get to know each other more like what humans do when they meet new people.

Understandably, they will not be sociable at first because of what they have gone through. Pets don't easily open up unless they feel safe and secured to the new place they will live. As a new owner, you need to make sure they are comfortable and at peace. Allow them to feel the warmth of the new owner's love and affection. Since they lose their owner, they don't know where to go and how to comfort themselves. It would be best if you also observed the pet before bringing them to your home. 

You need to know what are the things that they don't like and what are the things that make them happy. Adopting a pet is like taking care of a baby. They are sensitive and delicate. They need your full attention and care as they grow up. They will cling to you and get close to you like your own child.