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When we already planned our life with someone that we love, it is hard to let go of what is already in our minds. We can't easily change the things we used to do with them. 

Losing someone that we share our plans and aspirations with is very hard. It will crush us mercilessly and will cause heartache. Thus, all our dreams with that person will shatter.

Every time we think of them, tears will suddenly fall in our eyes as if they are how painful the moment is. It is hard to go back from the start and set your life another goal after the love of your life passed away. 

Every moment you want to break free from pain, you will think of them. They are your relief when you are in pain and grieving. Though they are also the cause why you are sad and grieving again. 

Thinking that you are building your future with the love of your life is a beautiful moment for someone who is in love. You wanted to spend the rest of your life with that person. In your mind, all things are unchangeable because you are sure that you and the person you loved will have a life together. 

We missed every inch of them. We wanted to go back to the time where things are happy and what we know is that we will have that person forever - where all there are happy colors surrounding you and that person. We wanted to escape our minds from the pain of losing and the loneliness of grieving. 

You wanted to see the lights as they were when both of you are inseparable. That late-night talk, going out, traveling together, and every small moment you do together will remind you that that person sometimes causes unbearable pain. We wanted to escape from that pain and leave things that are already messing up our minds, but we end up trying to fix it.

We end up having their funeral urns taken home, so we would be a reminder every day that their life on earth may be short and not able to experience all things both you had planned together. But the love you had was beautiful and worth celebrating. No matter how hard moving on the process would be, as long as you know that what you had was true, it will all be just fine. 

We would never know what tomorrow may bring, so savor every moment with the people we love. Let them feel that no matter what life may bring on the table for the both of you, you need to be strong. We need to live each day as if it's the last day. Every day is an exciting new day to tell the world how strong you are in conquering the day. 

Let every day be a special day for the both of you. Not only on your anniversary, birthdays, holidays, and any other occasions. But let them know that every day is a blessing that you are with them and you see them. They will know they are valued when you do this and when they are gone, they will have no regrets about being with you.