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Commonly known by the name of funeral jewellery, cremation jewellery has always been a great source of remembrance that you can cherish for life. Helping not solely you but also the entire family. There is a great purpose for which people consider using these keepsake options. Using a piece of standard cremation jewellery or ashes into glass jewellery, you are switching to a remarkable way of memorialising a loved one. Available in the form of pendants, rings, earrings and beads to be hanged in bracelets, you can shop for the type you want to use in order to commemorate the gone soul. Just a hold a small portion of ashes and give them to the craftsmen, he will incorporate the ashes with the glass, resulting in something completely new and unique for the memorial.

The trend of wearing jewellery pieces is growing these days. Whether you prefer wearing these ashes to glass jewellery or putting them on display, you are not just holding on the deceased person ashes, but you are actually holding on to their presence. Keep a part of your loved ones in ashes into glass jewellery and allow each member of the family to do the same. Use rings for ashes of a loved one and capture their essence in a piece of jewellery. Beautify these ornaments by personalising it or adding some precious stones to it. Through this, the memories of the deceased person can be passed down to our coming generations.

As these jewellery pieces are crafted using the ashes, there is no need to stress about losing them. The last remains are safe as they are now formed in the shape of jewellery. This surely is a unique way of holding on to the ashes and also allows you to turn the individual's ashes in a memorial keepsake. These special pieces are little treasures that enable you to keep a loved one and their memories close to your grieving heart. CREMATION ASHES TRIBUTE RING GREEN and CREMATION ASHES CHARM BEAD RUBY are two beautiful ashes into glass jewellery pieces, grab them today.