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Ceramic is a broad source. For a very long time, it has been used for pottery. The natural clay is hardened by heat. Many people use these ceramic clay containers to hold their loved one's ashes. Retaining the ashes inside these containers will keep the memories of the deceased person alive. Handmade raku style cremation urns for ashes are ceramic urns that are designed with an ancient Japanese method. It is a firing process where the ceramic container is removed from the kiln when at their highest temperature. It is then placed in an oxygen-deprived atmosphere with leaves or other organic materials. The container is sealed and later afterwards it results in smoke and flames that create unique textures on the container.

Duplicating the exact same pattern on two handmade raku style cremation urns is next to impossible. It is because of the unique firing process that the pattern completely varies from each other and can't be copied exactly. Whenever a new raku urn for ashes is made, it surely would vary from another one in the colour pattern and also the pictures that are usually shown on the display, whenever buying these beauties online. These simple and elegant raku urn creations are hand thrown in the fire and they are individually crafted for holding your loved one's ashes. Thus, they are one of a kind and are particularly unique in their designing. As these ceramic urns are made on order, it usually takes 3-6 days for their production.

To maintain the beauty of these urns, consider keeping them inside your homes and away from direct sunlight. Sun would just contribute in fading of these urns and would make the colours more subdued. Use a clean cloth and wipe it on a regular basis. The earthy texture will compliment the design and these urns would be a perfect fit for your home décor. Retain the ashes of a deceased person in these beautiful remembrances and cherish them forever.